Whirlpool WhiteMagic Elite Top Load Washing Machine Review

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In Brief: Whirlpool WhiteMagic Elite Washing Machine Review

With an efficient motor that spins at 740RPM and a capacity of 7.5kg, the WhiteMagic Elite is capable of meeting the demands of 6-7-member family. With various inbuilt resource conservation features such as power scrub, aqua store, ZPF, hard water wash and smart detergent recommendation, the washer reduces is long term footprint on your bills with ease.

Whirlpool started its operation in the year 1911, in the USA. Over the years Whirlpool has been a steady presence in the home appliances market and has produced great products for various satisfied consumers.

With a capacity of 7.5kg, which is a small increase compared to the WhiteMagic Elite 7.0, the WhiteMagic Elite 7.5 is a marginally bigger washing machine concerning capacity.

In this article, we are going to review the WhiteMagic Elite, 7.5kg for you to understand why you must consider it.

Key specification of Whirlpool WhiteMagic Elite Washing Machine


The fully automatic, top-loading WhiteMagic Elite comes with a capacity of 7.5kg. The efficient motor with a 5star rating and a spin speed of 740RPM, reduces resource consumption, washing and drying time.

With an aim to improve performance while reducing resource consumption, Whirlpool has equipped the washer with various technologies such as power scrub, aqua store, ZPF and hard water wash among many.

The power scrub feature produces a total of 3-surfaces for better cleaning results while the ZPF improves water filling speed even when the pressure is as low as 17mpa.

The Aqua store feature lets you store water for 1 wash while the hard water wash trims the loaded programs to wash your clothes when using ard water.

Such features improves performance while reducing resource consumption and keeping your clothes safe.

The washer comes with many features as standard such as the child lock, foam detection, Lint filter, smart sensors, smart detergent recommendation and delay start.

These features improve performance, safety, cleaning efficiency, resource consumption and convenience for the user.

Load TypeTop-Loading
Automatic Fully Automatic
Capacity (kg)7.5 kg
Machine Weight (kgs)28 kg
Dimensions (H X W X D)88 x 55 x 54cm
Max Spin Cycle-major740 rpm
Noise LevelLow
Unique Aspects - ZPF Technology
- Power Scrub Feature
Aqua Store
Warranty2-years for the washing machine and 10-year spare support
Accessories included User Manual, Warranty Card, Drainage Pipe and Water Inlet Pipe

Unique features

With features that are unique to Whirlpool and its washing machines, the WhiteMagic Elite does stand out from the crowd.

ZPF Technology

Whirlpool has bundled the WhiteMagic Elite with the ZPF (Zero Pressure Fill) technology. With the ZPF, the washer improves water filling speed by 50% even when the pressure is as low as 17mpa.

Power Scrub Feature

With a total of 3-scrubbing surfaces produced by the drum and the agipellar cone, the Power Scrub Technology offers superior performance to remove dirt from your clothes.

The image represents the 3-different scrubbing surfaces produced by the washer.

Source: Whirlpool

Aqua Store

The Aqua Store feature allows you to fill the drum with enough water for your next wash. Such a feature is handy if you are living in an area with water pressure and availability issues.


Ease of Set-Up

With various e-commerce platforms and retailers in major and minor cities selling the WHITE MAGIC ELITE, it’s always easy to grab one.

If you are buying it from a retailer then they will install it right away. IF you are purchasing from Amazon.in, Flipkart etc., then the technicians will install it for you in 3-days after delivery.

For easy and quick installation without additional charges, you better ensure the location you chose to have access to a tap, power supply, drainage pipe and proper earthing.


With a control panel that is placed in the back on the top rather than the front, the WhiteMagic Elite is rather striking in the first glance. The grey coloured body, with a glossy top and a glass door, make it stand out.

The small display panel along with control buttons to adjust and control the functions of the washing machine and the compact boxy design lends it a modern look.

Source: Whirlpool

Washing Mechanism

The WhiteMagic Elite has an agipellar cone that has a spiral design.

The spiralled design alone produces 2-scrubbing surface which along with the drum creates a total of 3.

With an efficient motor and a maximum spin speed of 740RPM, the washer can remove any lint, dirt and fluff from your clothes. The magic filter removes any lint that comes off from your clothes, keeping them neat and clean.

Various technologies such as ZPF, Aqua store and smart detergent recommendation helps to reduce both resource and time consumption. The above-mentioned features also improve user-friendliness.


With features and technologies such as power scrub, aqua store, ZPF, hard water wash and various smart recommendation technologies, the WhiteMagic Elite has been able to make itself noticeable.

The efficient motor that produces a spin speed of 740RPM is capable of meeting your daily requirements.

With a capacity of 7.5kg and fully automated, top-loading mechanism the washer does a decent job of appealing to a possible buyer.

With ZPF, Aqua store and smart detergent recommendations, the washer reduces resource consumption, while improving performance and convenience.

The power scrub feature incorporates the cone-shaped agipellar and the drum surface to provide a total of 3-scrubbing surfaces to improve the cleaning results.

One another feature that will be of great importance is the hard water wash that lets you set parameters to wash your clothes using hard waster.

With many loaded programs configured to improves washing performance while using hard water and normal water, the WhiteMagic Elite punches above its weight.

With various smart features to improve or adapt performance based on voltage and water fluctuations, the WhiteMagic Elite becomes an easy to use tool for your family.

To improves the appeal, Whirlpool has incorporated various features such as child lock, foam detection and Lint filter.

With the many loaded programs and the 6th-sense-123-technology, the washer saves time, effort and resources for you and your family.


Energy Consumption & Efficiency

The WhiteMagic Elite comes with a 5-star energy rating from BEE. The washer averages at 0.0118kWh on power usage and conserves water and other resources with the inbuilt features.

Repairs and Warranty

With a 2-year warranty on the washer and a 10-year on the motor, Whirlpool offers a decent warranty period to its customers.

For regular repairs and maintenance, the manual that will be provided with the washer can be used as a guide.

But if the problem persists or becomes a major issue, do call the customer service via 1800 208 1800 or send them a mail via [email protected]

Price of Whirlpool WhiteMagic Elite Washing Machine

With a very small increase in price compared to its smaller sibling the WhiteMagic Elite with 7.5kg capacity addresses your needs.

With the many added features, it can further reduce resource consumption and help in long term cost savings. With increased capacity and a similar set of features, we can wholeheartedly recommend this one for you.


Who Should Buy Whirlpool WhiteMagic Elite?

With a 7.5kg capacity, the WhiteMagic Elite can easily handle a 6-7 member family and can extend the number to 8 is stressed.

The resource-saving features, technologies and programs make it a perfect choice for you; especially if you have trouble with water availability and pressure.

Our Recommendation

With a capacity of 7.5kg that is sufficient for a 6-7-member family, the WhiteMagic Elite offers stellar performance for the asking price.

With various features built-in to save resources, the washer reduces long term footprint on your bills, which is great.

For resource conservation and performance improvements, the washer comes equipped with various technologies such as power scrub, aqua store, ZPF, hard water wash.

To add to the value, the WhiteMagic Elite also packs drum clean, child lock, foam detection, Lint filter, smart sensors, smart detergent recommendation and delay start features.

Such features improve performance while improving convenience. With a modern design and class-leading performance, the WhiteMagic Elite with 7.5kg capacity does stand out.


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