Whirlpool WDE 205 CLS PLUS 2S Refrigerator Review

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In Brief: Whirlpool WDE 205 CLS PLUS 2S Refrigerator Review

Whirlpool WDE 205 CLS PLUS 2S boasts of 190L capacity and comes with a single door, Sapphire Fiesta color, and tons of other features. The superb performance, large storage, insulated capillary technology make it a preferable buy for a budget-conscious small family.

The Whirlpool Corporation, based in Michigan, US, entered India in the late 1980s as part of its expansion strategy and forayed into the market as a joint venture with the TVS Group. Today, they are one of the most well-established electronics companies in India.

We have evaluated this model on a diverse set of parameters which will help you to make an informed decision about buying this model.

Key Specifications of Whirlpool WDE 205 CLS PLUS 2S

With 190 Liters capacity, this model is a relatively small refrigerator with a single door and Wine Fiesta color.

The Insulated Capillary Technology provides faster cooling and greater compressor efficiency. You can have a better look at this technology here,

The refrigerator comes with a lot of industry-standard features such as toughened glass shelves and a pedestal for extra storage of food items.

On top of these, features like Honey Comb Lock-in Technology and Auto Connect to Home Inverter are unique to this model.

The features such as Large Vegetable Crisper for greater storage, Jumbo Storage for bottles, Quick Chill Zone with Slide Action for convenience are added perks of this model.

The list of detailed specifications is given below:

Model No.WDE 205 CLS PLUS 2S
StyleSingle Door
Total Capacity (Liters)
Fridge Capacity (Liters)
Freezer Capacity (Liters)
Dimensions (in cm.)119.5x61.5x53.5
Shelf TypeToughened Glass
DefrostDirect Cool
Energy Star Rating2
Yearly Energy Consumption (Kilowatt Hours)203
Overall warranty1 year
Compressor Warranty10 years
Unique Features1. Insulated capillary Technology
2. Honey Comb lock In Technology
Other Features1.Pedestal
2. Stabilizer Free operation
3. Auto Connect to Home Inverter
4. Jumbo Storage
5. Large Vegetable Crisper

Unique Features

To make sure that this model stands out, Whirlpool has added a few unique features. Let us have a look at them.

Insulated Capillary Technology

This feature helps in faster cooling and also increases the efficiency of the compressor which may lead to a longer life period for the compressor. Moreover, this feature also enables the retention of cooling for 9 hours.

Honey Comb Lock in Technology

This helps to maintain optimum moisture for your food, fruits, and veggies and hence, keeps them fresh for a longer period.

Set Up Process

This model is available at all e-commerce websites such as Amazon, Flipkart, etc. so, it would not be a problem to find one. For installation, either you can use the manual or the e-commerce platform will facilitate the installation for you.

Design and Available Space

This model is designed to stand out and attract attention through its floral design and Sapphire Fiesta color.

External Design

The elegant construction and the Sapphire Fiesta color form an uninterrupted look. The floral design lends it a unique identity.

Freezer design and capacity

The freezer is located inside the fridge and does not have any shelves. The freezer capacity is 14.3 liters which is not suitable for storing a very large number of items.

Fridge Design and Capacity

The fridge comes with 2 shelves and a large vegetable crisper along with a pedestal for extra storage of vegetables such as potatoes and onions and is ideal for a household that does its shopping in one go or consumes a lot of vegetables.

The door comes with 4 pockets and is capable of storing 3 bottles of 2 liters each and is ideal for a household that consumes a lot of soft drinks or other beverages.

Cooling Mechanism

This model comes with Insulated Capillary technology which provides faster cooling and greater compressor efficiency. It also provides cooling retention for up to 9 hours.


With an elegant design and Sapphire fiesta color, this model does stand out. Let us have a look at its performance.

The insulated capillary technology feature enables faster cooling and provides cooling retention for up to 9 hours which is useful in places with frequent power cuts.

The stabilizer-free operation and The Auto Connect to Home Inverter feature makes this model highly useful in places with high voltage fluctuations and less availability of space.

The honey comb lock-in feature makes sure that the food, vegetables, and fruits are stored in optimum moisture and hence keeps them fresh for longer periods.

Energy Consumption

The 2-Star rating of the BEE shows the energy efficiency of this model. It consumes 203 units of energy which translates to about Rs. 1500 per year in metro cities.

But it is still 1.75 times higher than a 4-star model of same capacity.

Price of Whirlpool WDE 205 CLS PLUS 2S

After a detailed analysis and thorough research, we have come to a conclusion that the price of this model is in line with other refrigerators of same capacity and star rating.

Repairs and Warranty

You can make small repairs on your own with the help of the manual or call 1800 208 9898 for assistance.

In case of major repairs, you can contact through mail at [email protected] or call toll-free number 1800 208 1800 for onsite and offsite repairs.

This model comes with a warranty of 1 year for the refrigerator and 10 years for the compressor.

Who should buy Whirlpool WDE 205 CLS PLUS 2S?

With 190 Liters capacity, this model is targeted towards small families of one or two members. The increased storage for vegetable crisper makes it a very good fit for people who consume a large number of fruits and vegetables.

The honey comb lock-in feature suits a fast-paced lifestyle and the added bottle storage is a perk in hot places with a need for chilled beverages.

Due to the Insulated Capillary Technology, Stabilizer Free Operation, and Auto Connect to Home Inverter feature, this model is highly suitable for people living in areas of high voltage fluctuations and frequent power outages.

Why do We Like It?

We like this model for the desirable features of Insulated capillary Technology, Honey Comb Lock-in Feature, and the large vegetable crisper.

The 190 L capacity makes it ideal for small households and the single door feature makes it convenient and provides good space management.

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