Whirlpool Washing Machine Complaints

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In Brief: Whirlpool Washing Machine Complaints

Whirlpool is a leading brand when it comes to washing machines but its services could use some improvement. Its semi-automatic washing machines need upgrades in design and performance. The fully-automatic models could have better lint filters and faster cycles. Besides these issues, Whirlpool’s customer service is a common source of complaints. Users are unhappy with the installation, repairing, and communication services of the company.

Are you considering buying a Whirlpool washing machine?

Wondering if the purchase would be worth the expense?

Before deciding to buy something expensive like a washing machine, it’s a good idea to do some research.

Today, the internet gives us access to first-hand accounts of consumer experiences. This makes it much easier to make informed choices when it comes to shopping.

Please note, there is no washing machine brand however expensive which does have customer complaints. So, these complaints should be looked upon as area of improvement and just one of the many parameters to consider before buying and NOT the main criteria.

This article summarizes some of the most common Whirlpool washing machine complaints found on customer reviews.

You’ll find this information useful in deciding whether Whirlpool is a good choice for you.

Whirlpool Washing Machine Complaints

Some of the complaints are about the user experience, while some are about company services.

Here are detailed descriptions of the issues Whirlpool consumers are complaining about.

1. Design Issues

There seem to be many users who think that Whirlpool washing machines could use some design improvements. This is particularly the case for their semi-automatic models.

These washers have two separate inlets for the different tubs and a single connecting tube. Because of that, owners need to manually change the inlet while doing the laundry.

The extra effort is cumbersome and reduces the durability of the components involved.

Whirlpool’s fully-automatic washing machines have been found to have ineffective lint filters. Several users have complained that there is a lot of lint stuck to their laundry.

2. Installation Problems

A number of buyers have mentioned that Whirlpool representatives took several days after the purchase to come for installation.

The delay proved more inconvenient because having a local plumber do it canceled the warranty.

Another common experience is that the representatives took additional costs for their visit.

Instead of showing buyers a demo, they focused more on selling expensive accessories. Some managed to take the money but did not deliver the promised merchandise.

A few reviews even talk of unethical practices like circulating the buyer’s phone number to private vendors selling these accessories.

3. Customer Service Needs Improvement

There have been complaints that the Whirlpool Customer Service is hard to get in touch with. Reviews suggest that response promptness and quality need improvement.

This makes servicing the washing machine difficult. Users also report that repairs are quite expensive for

Whirlpool washing machines. Less frequent delays and a more professional tone of speaking will do the company well.

4. Performance Issues

Most Whirlpool washing machine users are quite satisfied with their washer’s performance. However, there are a few users unhappy with certain aspects of functioning.

This is more so for semi-automatic models, which seem to have less effective dryers. The exact problem hasn’t been mentioned but numerous reviews say the dryer isn’t working properly.

Another complaint regarding wash performance is that front-load models have very long cycles. Sometimes lasting for hours, this makes the laundry experience very inconvenient.


Whirlpool washing machines are a popular choice but they have some consumer complaints too.

We found that many customers are unhappy with certain features in Whirlpool semi-automatic washing machines.

There are two separate inlets for the two tubs, making them inconvenient to use.

The dryers could be of better quality as well. Whirlpool fully-automatic washers need better lint filters and faster cycles.

Apart from these functional issues, users have complained about customer services. Some reviewers had to wait several days before representatives came for installation.

They have also faced problems like delayed response, unprofessional behavior, and unnecessary costs.

Overall, customers feel that Whirlpool would do a lot better if they improved on these basic requirements.

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