Whirlpool Superb Atom 70S Top Load Washing Machine Review

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In Brief: Whirlpool Superb Atom 70S Washing Machine Review

The 7kg capacity along with a very competitive price tag and a semi-automatic, top-loading mechanism make the Superb Atom a great offering. To impress the consumers, Whirlpool has added the Smart Scrub Surface along with the powerful motors for washing and spinning. The waterproof control panel and the large washtub with a capacity of 66L improve your lie a lot. The dynamic soak, auto-restart and the 3-wash programs improve user-friendliness for a 6-7-member family.

The Whirlpool company started its operations in the year 1911, with the addition of an electric motor to an existing manual washer.

The company is headquartered in the USA and has an annual sale of $21 billion.

Their Super Atom is a semi-automatic, top-loading washing machine with a separate dryer and a capacity of 7kg.

Key specification of Whirlpool Superb Atom 70S

With a semi-automatic, to-loading washing machine with separate tubs for washing and drying, the Superb Atom is a great choice for anyone looking for an entry-level washing machine.

The tubs are equipped with powerful, yet efficient motors with 340W and 150W respectively for washing and spinning.

The motor churns out a spin speed of 1450RPM which reduces washing and drying time.

But being a semi-automatic, you have to deal with the transfer and additional scrubbing of your clothes for completion of the wash cycle.

The washing machine comes with a smart scrubbing station that offers a scrubbing station on top of the tub doors. To avoid electrical failure, the control panel is made waterproof.

The large washtub with a capacity of 66L improves your life by a great margin. With auto-restart and multi-utility tray, the washer improves convenience.

The 3-programs improves washing while offering optimum protection to your clothes.

Load TypeTop-Loading
Automatic Semi-Automatic
Capacity (kg)7 kg
Machine Weight (kgs)30 kg
Dimensions (W x D x H)89 x 79 x 49cm
Max Spin Cycle-major1450 rpm
MotorWash Motor: 340W
Spin Motor: 150W
Noise LevelHigh
Unique Aspects Smart Scrub Station
Warranty2-year warranty followed by an extended 3-year warranty on the wash motor.
Accessories included User Manual, Warranty Card, Drainage Pipe and Water Inlet Pipe

Unique features

Semi-Automatic washing machines are considered as entry-level washing machines for homes. They are cheap with decreased construction quality.

But to make their products stand out, Whirlpool has offered some unique features.

Smart Scrub Station

The Smart Scrub Station is located on top of the washing machine, which makes your life a lot easier. Coupled with the waterproof panels, the smart scrub station makes your life a lot easier.

Picture showing the smart scrub surface on top of the tub doors along with the control panel

Source: Whirlpool


Ease of Set-Up

Being a semi-automatic washing machine, you do not get any assured, on-site installation from technicians.

You can purchase the product from Amazon.in, Flipkart or from any retailer shop and the added manual will help you with the installation.

For installation, you have to ensure the washer has access to a tap, power supply, drainage pipe and proper earthing.

IF the chosen location lacks access to a tap, don’t worry, you can add water to the washing machine using a bucket.


The Whirlpool Superb Atom comes with a separate washing and drying tub. The 2-tone exterior with a plastic build is not the best in the market, yet it lends the washer a unique identity.

The lower colour tone is reflected in the top control panel and the tub doors. With a neatly laid out control panel and the smart scrub surface on top of the dryer, door adds to the aesthetics.

With the attached rollers on one end, the washer can be moved pretty quickly without much effort.

Source: Whirlpool

Source: Whirlpool


Washing Mechanism

The Superb Atom has an impeller located in the centre of the washing tub. The impeller has a raised centre section which provides a scrubbing surface for your clothes.

With a 340W motor for washing and 150W for drying, the washing machine offers stellar performance.

The maximum speed of 1450RPM ensures faster washing and drying time, thus reducing time consumption.


With 2-powerful motors and higher spin speed, the Superb Atom offers excellent performance for the asking price. The washing and drying tubs are equipped with a motor of 340W and 150W respectively.

With a higher spin speed of 1450RPM, the washer outperforms many others in its class. The 7kg capacity and the smart scrub station improves your life by a great margin.

You can use the scrubbing station to remove stains that a washer can’t take care of. The scrubbing station is located on the top of the tub doors.

To prevent electrical shocks while using the scrubbing station, the control panel along with various electrical connections are made waterproof.

With the dynamic soak and auto restart functions, the washing machine becomes a value for money option for you and your family.

With a large wah tub offering a capacity of 66L and a multi-utility tray that helps you to carry dried clothes, the washing machine offers excellent performance.

But you are often bogged down by the sheer amount of time that you have to dedicate for a single wash cycle as the semi-automatic washing machine tend to be laborious for anyone.


Energy Consumption & Efficiency

The SUPERB ATOM is equipped with twin motors for drying and washing. The efficient motor reduces power consumption by a great deal.

The resource consumption is also low as the water and detergent are added manually according to your requirements.

Repairs and Warranty

With a 2-year warranty which is followed by an extended 3-year warranty on the motors, this semi-automatic washing machine shines in the large crowd of washing machines.

For repair and maintenance, the added manual will act as a perfect guide to you.

But if the problem persists, then you are better off contacting the customer service via 1800 208 1800 or send them a mail at [email protected]

Price of Whirlpool Superb Atom 70S Washing Machine

Semi-automatic washing machines are considered as entry-level washing machines and are cheap to buy and operate.

With a very competitive price tag and a decent set of features, the Superb Atom demands your attention. Efficient motors and reduced resource consumption ensure cost saving in the long run.


Who Should Buy the Whirlpool Superb Atom 70S ?

With a capacity of 7kg, the semi-automatic, top-loading washing Superb Atom can meet the demands of a 6-7-member family.

But do mind that, being a semi-automatic the manual labour needed for managing the wash cycle is far greater than fully-automatic one.

Our Recommendation

The 7kg capacity for a very competitive price tag is one of the major factors that made us consider the washing machine in the 1st place.

The semi-automatic nature along with the Hi-Fibre body type, the washing machine saves resources and money.

The added features including the Smart Scrub Surface along with the powerful yet efficient motors for washing and spinning ensures better results. The waterproof control panels and the large washtub capacity improves convenience.

The dynamic soak and auto-restart function improve user-friendliness. The 3 standard programs along with the ability to add water manually and to set the dirt levels improve performance for a 6-7-member family.


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