What is Window AC? Benefits & Limitations

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In Brief: What is Window AC?

Window AC is a single-unit appliance that works on thermostat technology. This category of air conditioners is easy to install. For similar cooling capacity, it is more affordable as compared to other types of air conditioners. The swift and low-cost maintenance makes it highly suitable for middle-class households.

You might have browsed many categories of air conditioners to buy the right one.

Window AC is also one of them. It is a single unit AC that shares its body with both the inner and outer environment simultaneously due to its place of application, i.e., at the room’s window.

To find out where a window AC would be used beneficially, read till the end!

What is Window AC?

Window AC as the name signifies, is placed at the window of the room to be air-conditioned. It has many internal and external parts like compressor, evaporator, fan, thermostat, control panel, etc.

After setting the temperature, the window AC’s internal half sucks out hot air from the room. When passed through the evaporator, this hot air becomes colder and gets delivered into the room via a blower.

On the other end, the external half of the window AC contains the condenser that is usually hotter than the surrounding.

Due to this temperature gradient, the refrigerant inside the condenser expels out its heat in the surrounding.

This exchange of air across AC continues until the desired temperature is attained inside the room. Once it happens, the thermostat technology turns OFF the compressor.

However, the compressor further restarts if the temperature fluctuates away from the desired value. This frequent turn-ON and turn-OFF causes a window AC to consume more power.

Benefits of Window ACs

Following is a list of benefits associated with a window AC:-

Single Unit Appliance – This is one of the prominent advantages of a window AC. Unlike split air conditioners, window AC is a single unit device only.

Easy Installation – Since window AC involves a single unit, the process of installation is relatively easy.

Affordable – Compared to all other kinds of air conditioners, a window AC comes at a low price. This feature makes it highly affordable for middle-class households.

Low-cost maintenance – The simple technicalities of window air conditioners open doors for easy servicing options. Hence, it requires less money and effort in maintenance as compared to other ACs.

Limitations of Window AC technology

The limitations of a window AC are enlisted below:-

Noise – The conventional air conditioning technology incorporated in window air conditioners causes a lot of noise compared to other types of ACs.

Higher power consumption – In the case of window ACs, the compressor turns ON and OFF frequently. Amidst this process, the average power consumption over a cycle increases. This could increase your electricity bills also.

Cooling capacity limit – The cooling capacity of air conditioners depends upon their tonnage. And, window air conditioners are manufactured with a maximum of 2-ton capacity only.

Demands more space – Though a window AC has only one unit. It still requires more space.

Limitation on Installation Locations – One needs to have a large window to accommodate this kind of AC adequately.

Where can a Window AC benefit?

After understanding the benefits and limitations, we can conclude some situations where a window AC can benefit.

Due to the affordable pricing, window AC could become a right fit for middle-class households. On top of that, the 2-ton tonnage limit restricts its usage to small rooms only.

Keeping both these features in mind, a window AC could become a perfect fit for nuclear families.

The single-unit forte of window air conditioners requires easy and cheap maintenance. And its installation process is hassle-free.

Therefore, people looking for an affordable AC that can be set up and used immediately can look for a window AC.


So, this was our attempt to make you aware of the window AC. The benefits and limitations listed above apply to most of the window AC brands.

In the end, there is also a section that described the situations where a window AC would benefit.

We hope that this window AC guide will help you decide whether it is the right choice for you or not.

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