What is Inverter AC? Workings, Benefits & Limitations

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In Brief: What is an Inverter AC?

An inverter AC maintains constant cooling with the help of a variable compressor. The speed of the motor is changed by varying its frequency. This variable speed allows the compressor to operate at different capACities thereby maintain constant cooling. This inverter technology saves power and reduces noise. The refrigerants used in an inverter AC are environment friendly.

The diverse variety of ACs available in the market makes it difficult to choose the right one.

One such kind is an Inverter AC that provides an edge over others in terms of constant cooling. The inverter technology incorporated in it makes it stand different from the rest in various aspects.

Read ahead to find whether inverter ac is the right fit for you or not!

What is inverter AC?

An inverter AC differs from a regular air conditioner due to its compressor. The inverter air conditioner has a variable DC motor implied in its compressor. And, the speed of this motor varies with the change in frequency using an inverter.

This inverter technology was invented to eradicate the irregular cooling characteristics of a conventional AC. Because the conventional AC works on the thermostat technology.

Its compressor shuts down when the desired temperature is achieved and restarts again if the temperature further fluctuates.

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On the other hand, the compressor of an inverter AC always remains in the ON condition.

At desired temperature, the compressor motor runs at low speed instead of completely shutting OFF. This is how inverters ACs maintain a constant temperature.

Since the compressor of an inverter AC does not stop and restart frequently, the average power consumption is low. This smart technology even helps in preventing noise that comes out of a regular AC.

For a more clear understanding of how does an inverter AC works, watch this video:

Benefits of Inverter AC technology

Following is a list of benefits that inverter AC technology provides:-

Reduced power consumption – The inverter AC technology adjusts the capacity of the compressor without turning it ON and OFF continuously. Hence, the average power usage over a cycle is low. This low power consumption-ability of inverter AC helps in saving electricity bills.

Environment friendly – Inverter AC uses ozone-friendly refrigerants such as R410a and R32.

Quiet operation- The compressor of an inverter AC works at low speed thereby making it operate quietly.

Maintains constant temperature – Inverter air conditioners maintain a constant temperature due to variable compressor motor.

Instant cooling effect – The inverter AC technology has the potential to cool a room faster than a regular AC. Due to the variable speed motor, the compressor can be allowed to work at a higher capacity. This results in faster cooling of a room.

Handles voltage fluctuations – The sensing technology of the inverter AC adjusts compressor speed during fluctuations without interrupting its operation.

Limitations of Inverter AC technology

The limitations of inverter AC technology are enlisted below:-

Expensive – Due to the explicit construction of inverter AC, it costs more than a regular air conditioner.

High maintenance cost – The circuits and machinery of inverter AC are very complex. Thus, in case your inverter AC encounters a problem, it would require a high amount of repair cost.

May Causes Humidity – The usage of inverter AC in a room shorter than its capacity can cause humidity. Because the constant cooling of inverter AC does not allow air to dehumidify.

Where Inverter AC technology can benefit?

Based on the above analysis, we can anticipate the situations in which an inverter AC will be beneficial.

A regular AC makes a lot of noise during its operation. This might have interrupted your sleep many times. But, inverter AC on the other hand guarantees a peaceful sleep due to its noiseless working.

It can also be installed in places where a quiet environment is required such as schools, hospitals, conference rooms, etc.

At the first sight, inverter AC looks very expensive. But it posses the ability to pay back all the extra money by saving your electricity bill. Because an inverter AC consumes less electrical power than a regular air conditioner.

Inverter air conditioners are most popular amongst eco-friendly people. This is because of the ozone-friendly refrigerant used in it such as R32 and R410a.


This was a brief analysis of inverter air conditioners. Inverter AC’s latest technology is widely preferred by people all over the world. It initially costs a little bit more but has many long-term benefits too.

Hope you got a good grasp of this topic. Do not forget to share your valuable feedback with us.

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