Tumble Wash Vs Eco-Bubble Wash – Which is Better?

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In Brief: Tumble Wash Vs Eco-Bubble Wash

Both Tumble wash and Ec0-bubble are efficient and effective washing machine technologies and deciding which one is better is completely based on user preference requirements.

Humans have advanced a lot since the dawn of civilization and we are no less when it comes to modern-day technology, from Android smartphones to a fully equipped home theatre but today we will focus on one of the most important home appliances, which are washing machines.

There is a vast competition going on in the washing machine industry as the market is getting flooded with a bunch of new technologies and companies are trying to build an ultimate machine that would clean your clothes and due to this immense competition buyers are having a hard time deciding which product to go for.

Currently, there are 2 types of machines leading the industry, one is the Tumble Washing system and the other is the Eco-Bubble washing system and they both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Tumble Washing System

In Tumble washing systems, there is a low-speed tumbling barrel which slowly tumbles the clothes in the basket along with a high concentration of detergent, the process slowly continues with washing the dirt off the cloth fabric. [1]

It is a pocket-friendly method to complete your laundry as the power consumption is extremely minute due to the slow rotation of barrels and the risk of getting the fabric torn or damaged is also reduced.

In countries like India, where major metropolitan cities are facing scarcity of water, this machine is highly preferred since it requires less water to function.

There are some cons that buyers should look upon before buying one of these.

Cons include that the clothes may not be meticulously cleaned due to the slow barrel speed and the clothes might also get rugged due to the high usage of chemical detergents.

Tumble Washing system is widely available in the Indian market for a very reasonable price according to preferences and companies.

Eco-Bubble Washing System

The eco-bubble washing system is one of the most advanced washing machine technologies available in the market today. [2]

This new technology combines air, water, and low concentration of detergent to create bubbles and use them to penetrate and clean the fabric thoroughly without damaging them while removing those stubborn stains at the same time.

This bubble based technology is specially designed for Indian Households since it only uses bubble cushions to remove tough stains and dirt, it does not require any hot water for cleaning.

The concept of cleaning clothes with bubbles might seem convincing but it does have some downfalls such as high water requirement for better functioning which might not be preferred by everyone.

Another con of this machine is that it can only function on soft water since detergents do not produce bubbles in hard water.

Eco-Bubble Washing Machines also turned out to be more expensive than the tumbler washing systems in terms of budget.

Eco-Bubble washing systems are available in Indian markets by some of the most reliable companies in the world such as IFB and Samsung.


Both of the machines possess one of the best technologies in the world and deciding which one is better is completely based on user preference requirements.

Although the eco-bubble machine does have an upper hand based on technology and features and tumble washers are perfect if you want something compact in your budget.