Samsung WT725QPNDM/PXTL Top Load Semi Automatic Washing Machine Review

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In Brief: Samsung WT725QPNDM/PXTL Washing Machine Review

First things first, the asking price for the WT725QPNDM/PXTL along with the features it offers make it a perfect bargain for a family of 6-7-members. With a modern boxy design, the washing machine stands out. The pulsator and the scrub board inside the drum offers a surface for scrubbing. The washer also comes equipped with 3-wash programs, soak feature and lint filter. The added Air Turbo Dryer and the Double storm improves drying and washing efficiency while keeping your clothes perfectly safe.

Samsung is a multinational conglomerate headquartered in South Korea.

The brand has numerous affiliated businesses and is one among the largest companies in the world with annual revenue exceeding 200 billion dollars.

Their home appliances division is a global leader in innovation and sales. The WT725QPNDM/PXTL is their semi-automatic, top-loading washing machine cratering to the 7.2kg segment.

Key specification of Samsung WT725QPNDM/PXTL Washing Machine

The semi-automatic, top-loading WT725QPNDM/PXTL comes with a capacity of 702kg and a spin speed of 1350RPM. The efficient motor and the pulsator takes care of delivering perfect cleaning results.

Along with the pulsator, the scrub pad inside the tub offers additional scrubbing surface which provides deeper cleaning to your clothes.

Added features such as 3-wash programs, soak feature and lint filter improve performance. The soak feature dislodges lint and dirt which are collected by the lint filter.

The Air Turbo Dryer spins the drum at high speeds while sucking outside air into the tub for improved drying.

The Double Storm feature comes with a dual jet system that pumps in the water at different rates to produce both horizontal and vertical currents.

The EZ Wash Tray adds more convenience as the tray offers an external scrubbing surface and if you slide it over the drying tub, you can have access to the washing tub. It can also double as a small workbench.

With reduced noise levels and a modern, boxy design the WT725QPNDM/PXTL does stand out from the crowd.

Load TypeTop-Loading
Automatic Semi-Automatic
Capacity (kg)7.2 kg
Machine Weight (kgs)29 kg
Dimensions (W x D x H)85.5 x 99 x 56 cm
Max Spin Cycle-major1350 rpm
Noise Level65dB
Unique Aspects EZ Wash Tray
Double Storm
Warranty2-year warranty on the washing machine and 5-years on the motor.
Samsung also provides free 1-Year insurance against Theft, Burglary, Fire, or Accidental Damage from IFFCO-TOKIO
Accessories included Hose Drain, Hose Inlet, User Manual, Warranty Card and Shutter (Rat Mesh)

Unique features

For a semi-automatic washing machine, the Samsung WT725QPNDM/PXTL comes with many unique features to make them stand out.

EZ Wash Tray

The EZ Wash Tray adds to the convenience as it offers a washboard to scrub your clothes to remove dirt from the clothes. Also, if you slide the tray, you can access the tub in which you can rinse your clothes.

Double Storm

The Double Storm is a dual jet system that moves the fabrics using the varied flow of water into the tub.

The horizontal and vertical current produced by the Double Storm system offers deep clean without entangling your clothes.


Ease of Set-Up

The boxy and compact WT725QPNDM/PXTL make the set-up process a lot easier. You can purchase it from various e-commerce websites like and Flipkart or from any retailer.

Being a semi-automatic, you will have to install it on your own as neither the seller not Samsung offers installation services.

The manual and various video tutorials on Samsung’s website will help you with this.

All you have to ensure is access to a tap, power supply, drainage and proper earthing.


Unlike all the other semi-automatic washing machines Samsung WT725QPNDM/PXTL comes with a neat boxy design with the dual-tone exterior.

The bottom 1’3rd is dark grey while the rest has a lighter shade of grey.

The control panel and the tub doors are blue, with the control panels located behind the tub. The control panel is raised to improve accessibility and sports 4-different control wheels.

The EZ Wash Tray sits on top of the washing tub and can slide over the drying tub improving convenience.

Source: Samsung

Washing Mechanism

The WT725QPNDM/PXTL comes equipped with a pulsator which creates turbulent water streams that forces the clothes to scrub against each other and on the pulsator.

The efficient motor and the double storm system improve the scrubbing effect. The double storm system comes with a powerful dual jet system that creates horizontal and vertical water currents.

The EZ Wash Tray and Scrub Board let you clean the clothes. The Soak and Lint Filter dislodges and removes lint and dirt and collects them inside the filter.

The Air Turbo Drying system reduces the drying time with improved efficiency.

Image showing the pulsator inside the washtub

Source: Samsung


The WT725QPNDM/PXTL offers excellent performance with an efficient motor and the high spin speed. The bundled features improve the performance without creating a hole in your pocket.

With a maximum spin speed of 1350RPM, the washer reduces washing and drying time drastically. With a capacity of 7.2kg, the washing machine can take care of your family’s needs with ease.

The EZ Wash Tray adds more convenience as it offers a scrubbing surface. Slide it to the other side and then you can access the washtub where you can rinse your clothes.

The added scrub board inside the tub along with the pulsator provide an improved surface for scrubbing surface.

The soak feature dislodges dirt and lint and is collected on the lint filter. The Double Storm features come with a powerful dual jet system that produces vertical and horizontal currents of water for deep clean.

The pulsator creates turbulent water streams to further improve performance.

To improve the drying efficiency the washer comes with an Air Turbo Drying system that spins the clothe at very high speed while introducing outside air into the tub.

This helps to improve drying efficiency even on bedsheets and jeans. The 3-wash programs improve performance while keeping your clothes safe.


Energy Consumption & Efficiency

The WT725QPNDM/PXTL does not have an official BEE rating, but the efficient motor and resource-saving features reduce your monthly bill by a great margin.

The pulsator along with the Double Storm features reduces resource consumption in the long term.

Repairs and Warranty

Samsung bundles the WT725QPNDM/PXTL with a 2-year warranty and the motor has a 5-year warranty on the motor.

To add to the value, Samsung provides free 1-Year insurance against Theft, Burglary, Fire, or Accidental Damage from IFFCO-TOKIO. Such an offer is unheard in this price segment.

The provided manual and various video tutorials are more than enough to enable you to regular maintenance.

But if the issue is bigger, then contact the customer care via 1800 5 7267864 or 1800 40 7267864.

Price of Samsung WT725QPNDM/PXTL Washing Machine

With many advanced features and very competitive pricing, the semi-automatic Samsung WT725QPNDM/PXTL wins our heart.

The asking price can be even considered cheap when you compare it with washing machines of similar features.


Who Should Buy the Samsung WT725QPNDM/PXTL Washing Machine?

The WT725QPNDM/PXTL with its 7.2kg capacity is better suited to a family of 6-7-members. But being a semi-automatic, the human input is rather high.

Why We Like it

First things first, the asking price for the massive feature list it offers make a perfect choice for your family. The 7.2kg capacity, with the boxy, twin tub design looks modern and stealthy.

The pulsator along with the Scrub Board offers a scrubbing surface for optimum cleaning. The soak features dislodge the lint and dirt which is collected on to the lint filter.

The added Air Turbo Dryer and the Double storm improves drying and washing efficiency. The plastic, rustproof body longer durability and make it better suited for a family of 6-7-members.


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