Samsung Washing Machine Complaints

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In Brief: Samsung Washing Machine Complaints

Users of Samsung washing machines have complained regarding three aspects of the product experience. The first is the after-sales customer service. Buyers have had to wait for several days before a technician visited their house for installation. The technicians focus more on accessory sales rather than product demos. The other two aspects are the design and quality of a few product components.

Planning to buy a new washing machine? Wondering if Samsung is a good choice? We understand that buying a new washing machine can be a major investment for many homes.

That’s why it is very important to carefully consider which company and product to go for. Usually, consumers do their research when making this decision.

While most online sources talk about the advantages of buying specific brands or models, it’s hard to find reliable reviews.

Please note, there is no washing machine brand however expensive which does have customer complaints. So, these complaints should be looked upon as area of improvement and just one of the many parameters to consider before buying and NOT the main criteria.

In this article, we summarize Samsung washing machine complaints found in online reviews and forums related to these products.

This information will help you to decide whether a Samsung washing machine is a good investment for your home.

Samsung Washing Machine Complaints

Though Samsung is one of the leading brand names when it comes to washing machines, users have some complaints too.

These are mostly regarding Samsung’s customer service. Some reviews mention problems with product design or quality as well.

1. After-Sales Service Could be Better

Several reviewers have complained that there is no communication from Samsung for days after delivery.

Even after requesting a technician visit, buyers haven’t been able to get their washing machine installed.

Many of them report that they received daily calls from Samsung representatives trying to sell stands for the washers.

Frustrated by the delay, a few buyers tried to install the washing machine on their own, which wasn’t easy.

There are also many complaints about technicians not showing a product demo at the time of installation. This is a common problem across different washing machine brands.

Samsung has at least made the effort to provide some recognition by commenting on all complaints on Amazon.

2. A few Product Design Issues

There are quite a few complaints regarding certain design issues with Samsung washing machines.

For instance, users mention that the drum sizes in semi-automatic models aren’t big enough to be effective.

Some have complained that the display panel on top-loading models is vulnerable to damage from water.

Another issue mentioned is that the rat protection in front-loading washers is not adequate. In general, many reviews speak of the drain pipe length being too short.

3. Possible Product Quality Issues

Surprisingly, there are also a few complaints regarding the quality of the components of Samsung washing machines.

This is unexpected as Samsung is a reputed brand.

Some have mentioned that the spider arm in the washer is made of cheap material and is susceptible to rust.

Others have faced trouble with the automatic sensors in some of the higher models. Apparently, these stop working or dysfunction after a period of use.

There have also been complaints regarding the performance of the washing machines’ lint filters and digital display.


Through our analysis of customer reviews on e-commerce websites and online forums, we found out about Samsung washing machine complaints.

The majority of these complaints are regarding Samsung’s after-sales service.

Many buyers had to wait several days before a technician visited their home for product installation. Quite often, the technician did not show them a product demo.

Users also faced some problems with the design or quality of the components of their Samsung washing machine. These include drum size, drain pipe length, automatic sensor durability, and a few more.

Overall, buyers seem to report that Samsung can do better in these three domains.

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