Samsung RT42M553ES8/TL Double Door Refrigerator Review

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In Brief: Samsung RT42M553ES8/TL Double Door Refrigerator Review

The RT42M553ES8/TL comes with a tall design, dual door system and a capacity of 415L. To improve performance and monetary value, Samsung has incorporated features such as digital inverter technology, sperate evaporators, activated carbon filter and deodorizer filter. The custom storage and energy-saving features, smart connect and stabilizer free operation makes it a darling for many large households of more than 6-members. The customized storage to address the Indian demand and the 5-in-1 conversion capabilities make it stand out.

With a humble beginning as a grocery store in South Korea, Samsung has now grown into a conglomerate with vast reach and business interests.

With an excellent presence in the household market, Samsung thrives to improve and carter to the needs of the people.

With the RT42M553ES8/TL Samsung is addressing the needs of a large family on a budget.

Let’s find out if it delivers on the promises.

Key Specification of Samsung RT42M553ES8/TL

With an all-metal construction designed to blend in the RT42M553ES8/TL is a tall refrigerator with a capacity of 415L.

With twin cooling system and bacterial protection in the form of an anti-bacterial gasket and protector, the refrigerator sets the bar high for health standards.

The increased moisture content inside the refrigerator maintained with the help of digital inverter technology and twin evaporators for freezer and fridge, the RT42M553ES8/TLis ina league of its own.

The customizable storage and faster cooling and icing with the added benefit of the frost-free system ensure comfort and convenience for your family.

The energy-saving features also improve your prospects over the long period.

The stabilizer free operation along with the ability to draw power from a home inverter or a solar source is handy as many households in India face severe voltage fluctuations throughout the year.

StyleDouble Door
Fridge Capacity295L
Freezer capacity889L
Dimensions (W x D x H)67.5 x 66.8 x 178.5 cm
Shelf TypeToughened Glass
DefrostFrost Free
Energy Star-qualified3, as of 2020
Yearly energy consumption258 kWh
Compressor Warranty10-years
Unique features1. Twin Cooling Plus
2. Anti-Bacterial Protector
Other features1. Stabilizer Free Operation
2. Solar Compatible
3. Smart Connect
4. Vege Box
5. 5-in-1 convertible
6. Digital Inverter
7. Power Cool & Power Freeze
8. Deodorizing Filter

Unique Features

The RT42M553ES8/TL itself is unique with its storage capacity, but to sweeten the deal further Samsung has bundled a lot of features with the refrigerator.

Let’s have a look at some unique ones.

Twin Cooling Plus

The Twin Cooling System from Samsung comes with 2-evaporators for the freezer and fridge respectively that generate cooling air separately for optimal cooling conditions.

Representational image showing Twin Cooling System in work.

Anti-Bacterial Protector

The anti-bacterial protector along with the anti-bacterial gasket reduces the presence of pathogens inside the refrigerator.

It consists of an activated carbon filter that removes pathogens efficiently.


Set-Up Process

You don’t need any assistance from anyone to set-up the RT42M553ES8/TL. The user manual contains all the instruction for proper installation and initiation.

Buying the refrigerator is also easy as various e-commerce platforms such as, Flipkart etc sells the refrigerator.

Some of these e-commerce platforms do provide installation services but some don’t. So if you are in dire need of help, choose the one with free installation .

Design and Available Space

The tall minimalist refrigerator itself is a statement of purpose and style. The double door refrigerator melts into its surroundings rather than stand out.

External Design

The all-metal construction of the RT42M553ES8/TL comes with tall design and squared-off edges.

The integrated handle with black trim and the display screen in the middle of the freezer door gives it some form of identity. The refrigerator is designed to blend in rather than stand out.

Freezer Design and Capacity

Freezer follows the same principle as the external design, keeping everything simple and elegant.

The door sports the display panel on the outside while inside it has 2 shelves and a capacity of 89L. With 2-shelves, movable ice-tray and the ability to be converted into a fridge improves convenience.

Fridge Design and Capacity

With a total of 6-shelves and 3-door pockets, the RT42M553ES8/TL offers excellent space management. The bottom and top shelves are not customizable, but the rest are.

The bottom one doubles as the Vege Box.

The large door pocket with tall bottle guard can accept big bottles while the rest are small ones designed for eggs, small bootles, can etc.

The 295L storage makes the refrigerator versatile and with the freezer turned into the fridge the capacity increases to 415L.


Cooling Mechanism

Samsung had bundled their latest cooling technology in the RT42M553ES8/TL.

The Twin Cooling System inside the RT42M553ES8/TL comes with separate evaporators with independent electronic control and digital inverter technology.

The refrigerator can also retain the temperature for hours during a blackout or power cut.

The evaporators in both freezer and fridge can function independently, thus keeping the temperature constant. The Digital Inverter Technology lets the refrigerator adjust the speed based on demand which reduces power consumption.


The RT42M553ES8/TL is a beast when it comes to performance. The refrigerator stores the food and all other material at 70% moisture rather than the industry-standard 40%.

This keeps your food moist and soft, while the vegetable remains smooth and crisp.

The large capacity, toughened glass shelf and storage designed to conquer the Indian customer, the RT42M553ES8/TL will win the heart of any Indian customer.

The advanced technologies improve resource consumption while the separate evaporators along with deodorizing filter prevent any odour formation.

The activated carbon filter and anti-bacterial gasket provide the ultimate protection for your family from the pathogens.

With super fast cooling and ice-making features that can be stepped up by a notch with a press of a button, the RT42M553ES8/TL shines in the large crowd.

Energy Consumption

With a 3-star energy rating from BEE and annual consumption of 258kWh, the RT42M553ES8/TL is one among the most efficient refrigerators in its category.

The energy-saving features and separate evaporators ensure further energy-saving and manual control over energy consumption and fine-tuning.

This can lead to an average savings of Rs 6000 in power bills.

Repairs & Warranty

The added manual will guide you through the regular maintenance and small repairs.

Samsung has got you covered if you need any assistance though, Samsung got you covered.

You can dial 1800 5 7267864 or you can send an email via the link provided in their website for assistance.

The RT42M553ES8/TL comes with 1-year comprehensive warranty and 10-year warranty on the compressor. But the warranty does not cover the Plastic Parts, Glassware, Bulb, Tube, and cost of workmanship .

Price of Samsung RT42M553ES8/TL

For a sleek, 3-star refrigerator with 415L capacity is in a class of its own. Even the nearest competitor is costlier than the RT42M553ES8/TL.

For the features it packs, the RT42M553ES8/TL is a stellar offer. With energy-saving features and all other perks, the RT42M553ES8/TL is a bargain.


Who Should Buy Samsung RT42M553ES8/TL?

With a capacity of 415L, the RT42M553ES8/TL is designed to address the needs of a large family of 6-members or more.

The dual door with a minimalist design and superb protection from bacteria and other pathogens make it more appealing to the user.

The energy-saving features and ability to convert the freezer into a fridge make it stand out. The added perks such as faster cooling and ice-making along with high moisture retention make it more desirable for a large family.

Why do We like it?

There are a lot of things to like about RT42M553ES8/TL. The tall design, dual door system, capacity of 415L and separate evaporators for freezer and fridge are the few to start with.

To add to the vale, Samsung has incorporated features such as digital inverter technology, sperate evaporators, activated carbon filter and deodorizer filter to improve performance and safety.

The customized storage to address the Indian demand and the 5-in-1 conversion capabilities make it stand out.

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