Onida Washing Machine Complaints

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Users of Onida washing machines have complained about three types of problems. First, the customer service has a lot of scope for improvement. Areas that need work include promptness, communication, and replacement parts availability. Second, there are some design issues like tub size, timer settings, and tangling of clothes. Third, Onida can have better quality components in its washing machines.

Are you looking for a decent and affordable washing machine? Thinking of buying something locally made like Onida?

Being ‘vocal for local’ is a trending attitude because it is much needed for economic growth.

But when it comes to washing machines, the Indian brand Onida hasn’t satisfied all its consumers.

There are plenty of users out there who are happy with their Onida washer. But at the same time, there are complaints too.

Please note, there is no washing machine brand however expensive which does have customer complaints. So, these complaints should be looked upon as area of improvement and just one of the many parameters to consider before buying and NOT the main criteria.

In this article, we summarize what customers are complaining about when it comes to Onida washing machines.

Hopefully, this information will help you decide whether an Onida washing machine is a good choice for your home.

Onida Washing Machine Complaints

Onida Electronics was quite popular in Indian homes three decades ago.

But over the years, consumers have shifted from this local brand to various international brands.

This could be because of customer dissatisfaction with products and services.

Below are detailed descriptions of some of the domains that cover the complaints customers have with Onida washing machines.

1. Need Better Customer Service

Buyers are very unhappy with Onida’s customer service as shown in countless product reviews.

It seems that the company takes a long time to respond to calls, sometimes several weeks.

Even when they do respond, more often than not, replacement parts are unavailable. One reviewer mentioned that the service center canceled the complaint ticket multiple times without giving a reason.

In addition to the inaccessibility of the services, technicians allegedly have unprofessional communication.

They also refrain from giving product demos at the time of installation. But the last seems to be a common problem across washing machine brands in India.

2. Design Issues

There were quite a few complaints regarding the design of some models of Onida washing machines. A common issue reported by users is that the drum size of Onida washers is smaller than as advertised.

Another inconvenience faced by some users is that the timer for these washers has limited scope. It requires resetting now and then, which is bothersome.

There have also been some complaints regarding the tangling of clothes. This adds to the effort involved in doing laundry as owners have to disentangle the clothes after every cycle.

3. A Few Product Quality Issues

While Onida was famous for its durability during the 1990s, that is not what users talk about today.

There are several complaints regarding the quality of components, and sometimes entire models.

A few buyers found their washing machine to have faults in fitting and assembly. Another popular complaint is that the drain pipe damages easily.

This is more so in washer-only models that require manual draining of water.

Moreover, the plastic parts are usually not covered in the warranty. This becomes quite a nuisance as Onida’s customer service is also in great need of improvement.


Onida is an old and trusted Indian brand for home appliances.

While many proponents are happy with Onida washing machines, there are quite a few users with complaints as well. Most of these complaints are regarding Onida’s customer service.

A lot of reviews talk about no response, delayed response, and replacement parts unavailable for months. Technicians need to improve their communication and show buyers a product demo at the time of installation.

Other complaints are regarding design issues and product quality. When combined with a customer service that is not up to the mark, these complaints become more of a nuisance.

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