Lloyd Air Conditioner – Models, Technology & Features

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If you are considering whether to buy a Lloyd air conditioner, you’re at the right place.

This article picks out the top models of the brand and compares their specifications.

It will also give you a clear picture of what makes Lloyd as a brand stand out from the rest. With all this information, you can easily decide whether this brand and which of its models are right for you.

History of the Company

Lloyd is a consumer electronics brand is now owned by Havells India Limited.

This acquisition by the Noida-based company is fairly recent and was done in 2017.

Before that, the brand was owned by Lloyd Electronics & Engineering Ltd. (LEEL), a company founded in 1987.

The LEEL manufacturing facility was set up in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan. It focused on the production of condensers and evaporator coils for air conditioners of various capacities.

In 2016, LEEL was awarded a major India Locomotive HVAC Contract. In the same year, the company sold 2,00,000 units of Air Conditioners under the brand name in just 88 days.

Lloyd AC Reviews

As an Indian brand, Lloyd gives consumers an excellent way to contribute to the economy.

Its ACs may not be as power-packed as premium Japanese brands, but they deliver durability and quality.

They do so with the help of innovative design and high-grade components. It is these qualities that have made Lloyd a popularly known brand in the Indian market.

Types of Lloyd ACs available

Lloyd air conditioners are available in quite a few different types of models. Of these, the maximum options are offered for split ACs with over 30 models displayed on their official website.

There are also a few window-type air conditioners in their catalog. In addition to the common split and window types, there are three more categories of air conditioners supplied by Lloyd.

The website lists one unit of the portable kind. This is an eco-friendly 1-ton model featuring a two-way swing, air filter, and self-diagnosis.

Cassette air conditioners are available with or without inverters.

These are mounted on the ceiling and distribute air from the sides of the unit. The Tower AC category has two options and is better suited to commercial spaces.

Comparing Top Lloyd AC Models

ModelFeaturesKnow More
LW19B52EWType: Window
Tonnage: 1.5
Cooling Capacity: 5 kW
BEE Rating: 5-star
Features: R-32 Refrigerant, Air Filter, Dehumidification Unit
LW19A3NType: Window
Tonnage: 1.5
Cooling Capacity: 1.56 kW
BEE Rating: 3-star
Features: Antibacterial Coating
LS18I32ALType: Split
Tonnage: 1.5
Cooling Capacity: 5.05 kW
BEE Rating: 3-star
Features: Inverter, Silver Ion Filter, Hidden LED Display, Gold Fin Coils, Multi-Fold Evaporator, Self Diagnosis
GLS12I32ALType: Split
Tonnage: 1
Cooling Capacity: 3.5/1.75 kW
BEE Rating: 3-star
Features: Inverter, Silver Ion Filter, Hidden LED Display, Gold Fin Coils, Multi-Fold Evaporator, Self Diagnosis
GLS18B32MXType: Split
Tonnage: 1.5
Cooling Capacity: 5.1 kW
BEE Rating: 3-star
Features: Ayurvedic Tulsi Filter, Hidden LED Display, 2-Way Swing, Blue Fin Coil, Air Filter, Multi-Fold Evaporator, Self Diagnosis
GLS19B32EPType: Split
Tonnage: 1.5
Cooling Capacity: 5.1 kW
BEE Rating: 3-star
Features: R32 Refrigerant, Hidden LED Display, 2 Way Swing, Air Filter, Self Diagnosis, Multi-Fold Evaporator
GLS24I31AFType: Split
Tonnage: 2
Cooling Capacity: 6.1/3.05 kW
BEE Rating: 3-star
Features: Inverter, Hidden LED Display, Air Filter, Multi-Fold Evaporator, 10-year compressor warranty
GLS12B32WACRType: Split
Tonnage: 1
Cooling Capacity: 3.45 kW
BEE Rating: 3-star
Features: Rapid Cooling, Smart 4 Way Swing, PM2.5 Filter, Golden Eva Coils, Multi Fold Evaporator, Self Diagnosis

Key Differentiating Factors of Lloyd ACs

Three things differentiate Lloyd ACs from competing brands. These include air purification, affordable luxury, and quality components.

Air Purification – Cooling Combined with Cleaning

All of Lloyd’s top models come equipped with one or more air filters that help purify the air distributed. As a result, these air conditioners not only cool indoor air, but also get rid of harmful pollutants.

There are many different kinds of air filters used, some of which are common while others, unique. Dust filters, PM2.5 filters, and anti-bacterial coatings are quite familiar terms.

But Lloyd ACs also offer special filters like the Ayurvedic Tulsi filter and Silver Ion filter.

Affordable Luxury – Advanced Technology and Lower Prices

The biggest factor that makes Lloyd a popular brand is that it provides high-tech solutions at affordable prices.

Though the savings from buying Lloyd ACs rather than premium brands are not that significant, they do make a difference. Some two-ton split ACs do cost more than INR 60,000.

Nevertheless, most of the top Lloyd AC prices range between INR 28,000 and INR 55,000.

Even air conditioners towards the lower end of the range offer features like two-way swing, hidden display, and rapid cooling.

Quality Components – Better Coils and Compressors

Another key differentiating factor is that Lloyd ensures quality performance by using better components.

Most Lloyd air conditioners use rotary compressors that are known to be more effective than reciprocating ones.

Moreover, Lloyd units use twin rotary compressors that end up reducing noise levels to almost silent operation.

These ACs also have high-quality coils that are either 100% copper, blue fin, or gold fin. This extends the life of the unit making these air conditioners a good investment.

Who Should Buy ACs from Lloyd

Lloyd air conditioners have been in the market for a long time now. The brand has unfolded many useful solutions to make their products more effective and long-lasting.

That’s why Lloyd ACs are a great option for people looking for longevity. The exclusive use of fully copper, blue fin, or gold fin coils make these units enduring and resilient.

The relatively lower price range of models delivers high-tech performance along with marginal savings.

Anyone looking for good quality at an affordable rate will be satisfied with Lloyd air conditioners.


Lloyd ACs are known for their slightly lower rates and durability.

These air conditioners are made using quality components and are loaded with modern features. Some of the latter include 2-way swing, Rapid Cooling, a variety of air filters, and Self Diagnosis.

Although these units are not the best in terms of energy-efficiency or inbuilt-voltage tolerance, they still have plenty to offer.

Anyone looking for a long-lasting AC with good features at a lower price will be more than satisfied with Lloyd.

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