LG GN-H702HLHU Double Door Refrigerator Review

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In Brief: LG GN-H702HLHU Double Door Refrigerator Review

With the 547l capacity, the LG GN-H702HLHU comes with a double door, all-metal, stainless steel finish with a built-in digital display and tons of features. The superb performance, inverter-free operation and smart features such as Diagnosis and ThinQ improve convenience while the smart connect feature is appreciated by many. The Door Cooling+ and Hygiene Fresh+ improves cooling efficiency along with the Linear Cooling technology while offering protection from pathogens for a family of more than 6-members.

LG started as a small manufacturer by the name GoldStar in the year 1958 and grew into the present-day multinational company that we all know of.

With a market presence in various countries and segments, LG is a powerhouse.

With the GN-H702HLHU, LG is addressing the needs of a large family with innovative features and superb performance. Let us put that to the test.

Key Specification of LG GN-H702HLHU

With the 547l capacity, the GN-H702HLHU is a large refrigerator that stands tall with double doors and stainless steel colour.

The digital display and Linear Cooling technology improve both convenience and performance. Here, you can have a look at the Linear Cooling Technology:


The refrigerator comes with a lot of industry-standard perks such as inverter free operation, smart connect, anti-bacterial gasket among many.

To make it unique, LG offers Inverter Linear Compressor, Linear Cooling, Door Cooling+ and Hygiene Fresh+ to improve performance and safety.

The smart features such as Smart Diagnosis and ThinQ features let you troubleshoot or control the refrigerator with your smartphone.

The 5-in-1 conversion capability and intelligent storage design make the refrigerator user friendly.

StyleDouble Door
Dimensions (W x D x H)78 x 73 x 180 cm
Shelf TypeToughened Glass
DefrostFrost Free
Energy Star-qualified2, as of 2020
Compressor Warranty10-years
Unique features 1. Linear Cooling
2. LG ThinQ
Other features 1.Inverter Linear Compressor
2. Jet Ice
3. Hygiene Fresh
4. Auto Smart Connect
5. Smart Diagnosis
6. Door Cooling+
7. 5-in-1 Convertible
8. Linear Cooling
9. Anti-Bacterial Gasket

Unique Features

To let the GN-H702HLHU stand out, LG has added numerous features to it among which some are unique. Let’s have a look.

LG ThinQ

A smart feature built into the refrigerator that lets you automate various function and control it using your smartphone even when you are away.

Linear Cooling

The Linear Cooling technology avoids temperature fluctuations and also ensure equal distribution of cold air throughout the refrigerator.


Set-Up Process

With various e-commerce such as Amazon.in, Flipkart etc selling the GN-H702HLHU, it is always easy to grab one.

For installation either you can use the user manual or the e-commerce platform will facilitate the installation for you.

Design and Available Space

The GN-H702HLHU is designed to blend it, but the platinum silver and dual door system will grab eyeballs.

External Design

The all-metal construction and the platinum silver colour form an uninterrupted look except for the door handles and the digital display.

The display is built into the lower portion of the freezer door. The dual doors and the big handles lend it more identity.

Freezer Design and Capacity

The simple and easy to use design philosophy of the freezer is much appreciated.

The freezer comes with 1-shelf, 2-door pockets and a large capacity to suit the needs of many. The movable ice tray with transparent ice bank is a nice touch.

Fridge Design and Capacity

The fridge offers 2-shelves, large vegetable drawer, additional storage shelf in the chiller zone for storing meat and other produce. The door comes with 5-pockets.

The top door pocket also has an integrated cooling vent. The large capacity and the ability to convert the freezer into the fridge or vice versa is a handy feature.


Cooling Mechanism

The GN-H702HLHU is equipped with the Linear Cooling technology that keeps the temperature fluctuation to a minimum and also distributes the cold air evenly.

The Inverter Linear Compressor improves cooling while reducing the noise and power consumption by 25% and 51% respectively.

The refrigerator is also equipped with the Door Cooling+ and Hygiene Fresh+ feature improves cooling efficiency by up to 35% and safety.


With the tall design and stainless-steel colour, the refrigerator does stand out. But what about the performance?

With the ability to connect to an inverter or to function without the need for an inverter, the GN-H702HLHU can adapt to the ever-evolving Indian demands.

The frost-free system and intelligent features such as Smart Diagnosis, ThinQ features improve your convenience.

The well-designed storage spaces also contribute to the convenience with the ability to store large and small bottles and bins.

The Door Cooling+ and Linear Cooling technology ensure faster and efficient cooling throughout the refrigerator.

Normally, the door pockets are slightly warmer than the rest of the areas due to inefficient cooling, the Door Cooling + reduces this possibility.

The Hygiene Fresh+ system reduces the presence of pathogen thus keeping your family safe and sound.

The refrigerator is capable of locking the moisture in which keeps your vegetables fresh and crisp.

Energy Consumption

The 2-star rating of BEE is a testament to the energy efficiency of the GN-H702HLHU.

The inverter compressor and various other technologies conserve energy and reduce your mothy power bill.

Repairs & Warranty

The advanced Smart Diagnosis can analyse and warn you if there is a problem. Either using the user manual or with the assistance from a service agent you can carry out repairs or regular maintenance.

But if the problem is serious, then contact the customer care at 1800 315 9999 or 1800 180 9999 or by emailing them at [email protected]

LG does provide onsite and offsite repairs which should make your life a lot easier if you ever run into a problem.

With 1-year comprehensive warranty and 10-year warranty on the compressor, the GN-H702HLHU offers a decent warranty. But it does not cover Plastic Parts, Glassware, Bulb, Tube and Workmanship.

Price of LG GN-H702HLHU

The GN-H702HLHU is slightly pricier compared to all the other refrigerators with similar capacity.

But the price is often justified by the added features and excellent after-sales support.


Who Should Buy LG GN-H702HLHU?

With 547L capacity, the GN-H702HLHU is targeted for joint families or families with more than 6-members.

The increased storage in both the fridge and freezer section and the ability to transform the refrigerator according to your requirements make it perfect for large families.

The added hygiene fresh+ and advanced cooling systems, the refrigerator addresses the concerns of a health-conscious, fast-paced lifestyle. The increased freezer storage and the tray in the chiller zone are used to store meat products.

The ThinQ, stabilizer free operation, smart diagnosis, smart connect and energy-saving features make it a perfect choice people on the rush.

Why We Like it?

Among many features that make the GN-H702HLHU stand out, the most desirable ones for us include the superb performance, power-saving features, inverter free operation and smart connect feature.

The 547L capacity makes it ideal for families with more than 6-members. The double door with decent space management features improves convenience.

Along with the Door Cooling+ and Hygiene Fresh+, the refrigerator takes care of your needs with high levels of protection.

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