Intex WMS62TL Top Load, Semi-Automatic Washing Machine Review

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In Brief: Intex WMS62TL Washing Machine Review

With a capacity of 6.2kg, the Intex WMS62TL is capable of handling the amount of laundry produced by a 4-member family. The powerful washing and drying motors and the maximum spin speed of 1320RPM reduce washing and drying time. The rust-proof plastic construction and the 2-wash programs improve convenience. The shock-proof construction and various resource-saving features reduce the impact of the washing machine on safety and monthly bill.

Intex Technologies is an Indian company that was established in the year 1996 and is headquartered in New Delhi. Intex focuses on different market segments that include smartphones, consumer electronics and accessories.

They also produce various minor items which prove to be pivotal in different service sectors. The WMS62TL is a 6.2kg capacity, semi-automatic washing machine designed to address the needs of a small family on a budget.

In this article, we are going to find out if it is worth your time and money.

Key specification of Intex WMS62TL Washing Machine


The semi-automatic, top-loading WMS62TL comes with twin tubs for washing and drying. The boxy design with the white and dark red colour does stand out, but apart from the colour scheme, the overall design is rather bland.

The semi-automatic washing machine comes with a pulsator that produces strong water currents to improve scrubbing effect for improved efficiency in dirt and lint removal.

The washing machine comes with powerful, yet efficient motors with 340W and 150W for washing and spinning respectively.

The washing machine has a maximum spin speed of 1320RPM, which reduces the drying time. With a shock-proof design with a rust-resistant tub and body, improves safety and life span of the washing machine.

The washing machine comes with 2-wash programs that loosen the lint and dirt which are collected in the lint filter. With a 2-year warranty and excellent customer support, the WMS62TL punches above its weight.

Load TypeTop-Loading
Automatic Semi-Automatic
Capacity (kg)6.2 kg
Machine Weight (kgs)23.5 kg
Dimensions (W x D x H)76 x 44.5 x 90 cm
Max Spin Cycle-major1320 rpm
MotorWash Motor: 340W
Spin Motor: 150W
Noise LevelNoisy
Warranty2-year comprehensive warranty.
Accessories included User Manual, Inlet Pipe, Drain Pipe, Washing Machine

Unique features

Being a budget washing machine, the Intex WMS62TL lacks all the bells and whistles. But it stays true to its purpose as it delivers the performance it promises making it unique.


Ease of Set-Up

The semi-automatic WMS62TL is easy to install and does not need the assistance from a technician.

You can purchase it from the official website of Intex or retailers or various e-commerce websites such as, Flipkart etc.

For installation, all you have to ensure is access to a tap, power supply, drainage and earthing to avoid electrical shocks.

Being a semi-automatic washing machine, you don’t need direct access to water supply, as you can add water manually.


The design of the WMS62TL is rather generic with nothing making it stand out. The two-tone exterior has a white and dark red colour and “Intex” written on the front in a very big font.

The washing machine has a boxy design with two tubs, one for washing and another for drying.  The tub doors have tempered glass portion to let you observe the washing.

Source: Intex

The control panel is located behind the tub doors and is raised to allow easy access.

Washing Mechanism

With a pulsator located in the washing tub, the WMS62TL offers stellar performance. With two powerful motors with 340W and 150W respectively.

With a spin speed of 1320RPM, the washing machine takes care of your daily laundry with ease.  The washing machine comes with 2-wash programs which can easily address your daily needs.

But being a semi-automatic washing machine, you will have to put in a lot of effort to complete the wash cycle.


With 2-powerful motors putting out 340 and 150W respectively, the WMS62TL is capable of handling your daily needs with ease.

The washer can spin at a maximum speed of 1320RPM which will reduce the washing and drying time.  With 6.2kg capacity, the washing machine can deal with the laundry load of a 4-member family with ease.

The spin capacity or the capacity of the dryer is limited to 5kg, but the higher spin speed reduces the drying time considerably.

The washing machine comes equipped with a pulsator that rotates at very high speeds which produce strong water currents. The water currents force the clothes to rub against each other which removes the lint and dirt.

The lint and dirt are collected by the lint collector equipped inside the washing tub. The washing machine comes with 2-wash programs to take care of the laundry.


Energy Consumption & Efficiency

WMS62TL doesn’t come with any BEE rating, but the efficient motor does reduce resource consumption. Efficient motor and semi-automatic nature reduce power and resource consumption to some extent.

Repairs and Warranty

The WMS62TL comes with a 2-year comprehensive warranty, which feels slim as many other manufacturers offer warranty for their motors also.

The provided manual and various tutorial videos available on YouTube will guide for doing regular maintenance and some small repairs.

But the issue is bigger or if you can’t solve it on your own, feel free to contact their customer service. You can contact them by dialling 01204-895555.

The customer care service is available 6 days a week from Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 7 pm.

Price of Intex WMS62TL Washing Machine

The WMS62TL lacks many bells and whistles that many other semi-automatic washing machines offer. But the WMS62TL makes up for that with their pricing strategy.

The washing machine is priced in the lower end of the spectrum of washing machines with similar capacity. Such pricing is advantageous for the buyer.


Who Should Buy the Intex WMS62TL Washing Machine?

With a 6.2kg capacity and a spin speed of 1320RPM, the WMS62TL can easily meet the demands of a 4-member family. But being a semi-automatic washing machine, the effort that you have to put in is rather high.

Why We Like it

The WMS62TL comes with a capacity of 6.2kg and a spin speed of 1320RPM to meet the demands of a 4-member family. The rust-proof plastic body comes with the dual-tone exterior.

The pulsator inside the washing tub can create very powerful water currents to improve the scrubbing action between clothes to remove lint and dirt; which are collected on to the lint filter.

The powerful motor and resource-saving features improve your convenience. The shock-free design ensures safety while the 2-wash programs give a deeper wash to your clothes.


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