IFB TL-RDW Aqua Top Load, Fully Automatic Washing Machine Review

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In Brief: IFB TL-RDW Aqua Washing Machine Review

The fully automatic, top-loading TL-RDW Aqua comes with a capacity of 6.5kg. With a maximum spin speed of 720RPM and various loaded programs along with Smart sense, feature simplifies your life. With 3D wash, AquaEnergy and Deep Clean technologies being built-in, the washing machine offers top-of-the-line performance. With additional features such as foam detection, child-lock, auto balance and time delay functions the washing machine is the perfect fit for a 4-member family.

With a presence in various sectors in the Indian market which includes home appliances, motor vehicle and fine blanking sectors, IFB has been a prominent player.

They started their operation in the year 1974 in collaboration with the Swiss company, Hienrich Schmid AG.

Their TL-RDW Aqua comes with a capacity of 6.5kg, top-loading and fully automatic mechanism. In this article, we are reviewing this product for you.

Key specification of TL-RDW Aqua Washing Machine

The TL-RDW Aqua addresses the market with its 6.5kg capacity and a top-loading mechanism. With a total of 6-programs and fully automatic functioning, the washing machine is capable of delivering a stellar performance.

With a maximum spin speed of 720RPM, the washing and drying time is drastically reduced.

With a modern-looking design, compact size and a top-loading system the washing machine make it more perfect for a small and compact home.

To improve the performance the washer comes with Deep Clean features that utilize the crescent moon drum and triadic pulsator for a best-in-class wash.

The 3D wash and AquaEnergy features improve both soaking the clothes and dissolve the detergents sing a magnet filter. Both the features improve performance while conserving both energy, resources and time.

Here, you can see it yourself:


With various wash programs and Smart sense feature, the washing machine picks the best program based on the load inside the drum. This helps to improve your time utilization while offering optimum performance.

The compact size also comes with reduced vibration and noise, making more user friendly. To further simplify your life, IFB has added child lock, foam detection, auto balance, time delay functions.

Load TypeTop Loading
Automatic Fully Automatic
Capacity (kg)6.5 kg
Machine Weight (kgs)35 kg
Dimensions (H X W X D)570 x 590 x 950 cm
Max Spin Cycle-major7,20 rpm
Noise LevelLow
Unique Aspects Deep Clean
Warranty4-years for the washing machine and 10-year spare support
Accessories included User manual, Warranty information, Connection Pipe

Unique features

To make the TL-RDW Aqua stand out, IFB offers some of its proprietary technologies, that improve performance while reducing resource consumption.

Deep Clean

The Deep Clean uses the Triadic Pulsator and the crescent moon drum to provide and excellent wash to your clothes. The crescent moon drum has many crescent moon shaped grooves inside.

The triadic pulsator has soft scrub pads, powerful swirl jets and a Mechanical centre punch to remove dirt and lint.

Representational Image showing the drum and 6 different motions


Source: IFB


Aqua-Energy helps in dissolving the detergent completely, which conserves resources. To achieve this, the washing machine is equipped with a magnet-based filter that breaks the detergent lumps by separating the calcium ions.

Here have a look:



Ease of Set-Up

With granted availability via various e-commerce website such as Amazon.in, Flipkart or the official website of IFB or via various retailers, the TL-RDW Aqua is easy to get hold off.

The installation is guaranteed by IFB and respective websites with the technicians installing it within 3-days of delivery along with a free demonstration.

IFB does not ship any accessories with the washer which can lead to losing some money from your pocket.


The TL-RDW Aqua stands out with the ivory white colour and the toughened glass door with a circular shape. The boxy design with curved edges lends it a unique look.

The 2-tones top part of the washing machine with the neatly laid out control panels gives it a modern look.

The control panel consists of a mall display panel and various buttons to control the functions of the washing machine.

Source: IFB

Washing Mechanism

The TL-RDW Aqua offers stellar performance using the Deep Clean function. With the crescent moon and triadic pulsator ensures a thorough wash along with 8-different water levels for optimum performance.

The 3D wash and AquaEnergy features ensure proper rinsing and complete mixing of detergents respectively.
The 720RPM of spin speed and a total of 6 programs more efficient wash than many other competitors.

With Smart Sense technology, the washing machine can select a preferred program according to the load.


With a capacity of 6.5kg, the TL-RDW Aqua is capable of meeting the demands of a 4-member family. The compact size and modern design make it appealing to many.

With a fully automated, top-loading mechanism the washing machine performs exceptionally well. The higher spin speed of 720RPM and Deep Clean feature make washing your clothes easy.

The Crescent moon drum, AquaEnergy, 3D wash and Triadic Pulsator provides best in class performance without causing any damages to your clothes.

The above-mentioned features also reduce resource consumption to a great extent. The higher spin speed reduces washing and drying time.

The crescent moon drum and triadic pulsator ensure that the time conservation is carried out without any comprise in performance and safety of your clothes.

With a total of 6-programs and various customisation, IFB offers a great washing machine. The absence of a heater can be bothersome for a few, but for the asking price, it’s not even a thing to worry about.

The Smart sense, child lock, time delay, auto imbalance system and high-low voltage protection, the washing machine simplifies your life to a great extent.

This also improves the safety and ease of use for your family.


Energy Consumption & Efficiency

Even though the TL-RDW Aqua comes with an official BEE rating, the 5 start rating makes it one among the most efficient washing machine. With 0.08kWh for average usage, the washing machine uses very little electric power.

Various features such as 3D wash, AquaEnergy and unbalance correction reduces the resource consumption to a great extent.

Repairs and Warranty

With a great customer support team, IFB leads the market in after-sales support and services. With a 4-tear warranty on the washing machine and 10-year warranty on motor, The TL-RDW Aqua offers great after-sales support.

For regular maintenance, the added manual helps a lot. But if you stumble across a problem, you can call the customer service via 1860 208 5678 or 1860 425 5678.

Price of IFB TL-RDW Aqua Washing Machine

The TL-RDW Aqua is priced higher than other fully automatic, top-loading washing machines with 6.5kg capacity. But for the price, it offers stellar performance.

The added features and excellent customer care support justify the asking price.


Who Should Buy the IFB TL-RDW Aqua Washing Machine?

TL-RDW Aqua is designed for a small family of 4-members for best results. The washer can accept 6-8-clothes in a single wash.

With advanced programs, unique features and speed of 720RPM the washer is capable of meeting your demands no matter what.

Why We Like it

With a fully automatic, top-loading machine that has a capacity of 6.5kg, the TL-RDW Aqua offers stellar performance for the asking price.

Along with many added features, the after-sales support is a huge plus for any buyer.

To further improve the performance, IFB adds many advanced features such as crescent moon drum, AquaEnergy, Deep Clean, 3D wash and Triadic Pulsator.

This also improves energy and research consumption and optimum protection to your clothes.

To make your life easier, auto balance, foam detection, time delay and child lock features are built-in, thus making the washing machine more user friendly.

The higher spin speed, efficient moor and added programs make your life a lot easier making it a perfect companion for a 4-member family.


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