IFB Senator Aqua SX Front Load, Fully Automatic Washing Machine Review

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In Brief: IFB Senator Aqua SX Washing Machine Review

The Senator Aqua SX is a front-loading washing machine that is fully automatic and has a capacity of 8kgs. The washing machine also comes with additional features such as Air Bubble Wash, AquaEnergy, 3D wash, and time delay function. Such features and performance make it a must consider product for a family of 6-7 people. Added to this are more features such as Child lock, Foam detection and hygiene wash program that improve both performance and safety.

IFB was earlier known as Indian Fine Blanks Limited and it is an Indian company that has a presence in home appliances, motor vehicle and fine blanking sectors.

In collaboration with the Swiss Hienrich Schmid AG IFB started its operation in 1974. The Senator Aqua SX is an offering from IFB to address the fully automatic, front-loading, 8kg capacity washing machine segment.

It is the one we are going to review here.

Key specification of IFB Senator Aqua SX Washing Machine

With a capacity of 8kgs and front-loading mechanism, the Senator Aqua SX punches above its weight.

With the fully automated mechanism, a maximum spin speed of 1,400RPM and loads of programs the washing machines performs admirably.

With a diameter of 32cm the door opens wide to reveal the crescent moon shaped drum.

The drum, along with the 3D wash, Air Bubble Wash, AquaEnergy, Ball-Valve technology, Triadic Pulsator, auto balance and time delay functions helps to improve performance and offers healthy and clean laundry.

Here, you can have a look at the Air Bubble wash feature:


The AquaEnergy feature helps to dissolve the detergent completely, while ball-valve technology avoids detergent escape along with drainage water.

The compact size helps the washer to fit under a kitchen cupboard while reducing noise and vibrations.

The Air Bubble wash, 3D wash and triadic pulsator improve cleaning performance while avoiding any damage that might occur to your clothes.

The washing machine also comes with many added features such as child lock, foam detection, unbalance correction, time delay function to make your life simple and easier.

SKUSenator Aqua SX
Load TypeFront Loading
Automatic Fully Automatic
Capacity (kg)8 kg
Machine Weight (kgs)75 kg
Dimensions (H X W X D)59.8 X 60.6 X 87.5 cm
Max Spin Cycle-major1,400 rpm
Door Diameter32 cm
Noise LevelKnown to be noisy at times
Unique Aspects Crescent Moon Drum
Triadic Pulsator
Air Bubble Wash
Warranty4-years for the washing machine and 10-year spare support
Accessories included User manual, Warranty information, Connection Pipe

Unique features

To make Senator Aqua SX, IFB offers some unique features which are exclusive and unique to products from IFB. Let’s have a look.

Crescent Moon Drum

The special crescent moon shaped groves inside the drum provide smoother and cleaner washing while being soft on the fabrics.

The Image shows the drum with the crescent-shaped grooves.

Source: IFB

Triadic Pulsator

Triadic Pulsator improves cleaning using the scrub pad, swirl jets and the centre punch. The scrub pad and swirl jet help to remove dirt from clothes while centre punch flushes the dirt out.

Air Bubble Wash

Along with water, millions of air bubbles are released into the drum that teases your clothes while removing dirt.


Aqua-Energy is a unique offering from IFB, were a magnet-based filter breaks up lumps of detergent, letting it dissolve completely. Such a feat is achieved by separating e calcium ion in the lumps using the magnetic field.

You can see that here:



Ease of Set-Up

You can buy Senator Aqua SX from Amazon.in or Flipkart or the official website of IFB and the technicians will install the washing machine for you with 3-days of delivery.

IFB is well known for their customer support and they won’t disappoint you on this. Apart from installation they will also check the configurations and will offer a free demo.

You have to ensure access to the power supply, a tap, drainage and. IFB has a bad reputation of not shipping their washing machine with accessories which will end up costing you some money.

It is the same here also with the Senator Aqua SX.


The large LCD screen and simplified control panel the Senator Aqua SX stands proud and strong among the competition. The metallic construction, with a large polycarbonate door, lends it an understated loo.

But the LCD panel gives it a heads-up and make it special.

The control panel includes a large LCD panel and a swivel wheel to control and customise various wash programs. There are some buttons but they are used to control the display to select the appropriate settings.

Source: IFB

Washing Mechanism

The crescent moon drum, 3D wash, air bubble wash and the AquaEnergy features ensure perfect cleaning results for you and your family.

The crescent moon shaped drum has small groves that are crescent moon shaped which improves cleaning without causing any damages to your clothes.

The 3D wash and Air Bubble wash technology improves rinsing and removing dirt with improved efficiency.

The 3d wash system pushes in water from different directions simultaneously while O2 that is pumped in agitates and removes dirt.

AquaEnergy ensures proper dissolving of detergents and the Triadic Pulsator gives a thorough wash to your clothes. The added programs ensure improved washing with increased protection.


With the crescent moon drum, Air Bubble Wash, AquaEnergy, Ball-Valve technology, 3D wash, Triadic Pulsator, auto balance and time delay function, the Senator Aqua SX leads others in the same performance category.

With a capacity of 8kg and being fully-automatic and front-loading, the Senator Aqua SX can wash up to 12-15 clothes at a time. It can easily address the needs of a 6-7-member family with its enhanced features.

The washing machine has a top spin speed of 1,400RPM, that makes washing and drying much quicker and easier. The front-loading mechanism also plays its part in this.

Being a compact washing machine, it can fit under your kitchen cabinet without any problems. But, make sure to leave some space in the back for optimum cooling.

With tons of programs and resource-saving features, the washing machine can quickly rise to your daily demands.

The steel drum along with 3D wash technology, AquaEnergy and ball valve technology ensures optimum and efficient utilization of resources while offering better than never before cleaning experience for you.


Energy Consumption & Efficiency

With a power consumption figure of 0.712kWh, Senator Aqua SX is not among the best in its class, yet it holds on its own.

The water consumption is also negligible due to proper management of weight distribution and amount of water with the load sensing function.

Repairs and Warranty

IFB has been known for its excellent customer support that will help you in the long run. With excellent customer support, 4-year warranty on motor and machine the confidence you will gain in very high.

For any repairs and maintenance, you can refer to the user manual or you can dial up the customer care via 1860 208 5678 or 1860 425 5678.

Price of IFB Senator Aqua SX Washing Machine

As the washing offers more specs compared to the competition, the price is slightly higher than other brands. But it is justifiable considering the features you get along with excellent after-sales support.


Who Should Buy the IFB Senator Aqua SX Washing Machine?

Senator Aqua SX is target at a 6-7-member family that has to wash 12-15 clothes every day. The efficient motor with higher than average spin rate and tons of features helps you get through daily laundry with ease.

Why We Like it

The Senator Aqua SX is a fully automatic, front-loading washing machine that has a capacity of 8kgs. Along with this, the washing machine comes with tons of features and programs.

With the crescent moon drum, Air Bubble Wash, AquaEnergy, Ball-Valve technology, 3D wash, Triadic Pulsator, auto balance and time delay function, the Senator Aqua SX leads others in the same performance category.

IFB has also packed the washing machine with Child lock, Foam detection and control system, Unbalance Correction, Self-Diagnosis and hygiene wash program to improve the performance and safety.

Even though these specifications and features cost you, the price is it is justifiable.


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