Hyundai AC Models: Technology, Specs, Features & Price

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The air conditioner is becoming one of the most imperative appliances in the home, and so it is important to choose the right model suitable for your needs.

However, choosing the right product can be difficult due to the many products in the market.

Therefore, we have reviewed some of the excellent air conditioners offered by one of the durable and trustworthy brands in the market, Hyundai. Keep on reading for more information.

History of the Company

Hyundai is one of India’s most trusted brands, with an international brand presence in more than 120 countries.

Hyundai corporation was established in 1976 in South Korea as an import and export trading house.

Hyundai electronics was established in 2018 in India with a wide range of consumer electronics and home appliances like LEDs, air conditioners, washing machines, and refrigerators.

It focuses on market research, product innovation, energy efficiency, and talent acquisition.

Hyundai AC Reviews

Hyundai offers BEE star-compliant air conditioners with the best features, value for money, and quality checks at various points to ensure excellent quality and 100 customer satisfaction.

Hyundai strives to offer its customers the best with low maintenance, best-in-cooling features, and energy savings up to 15%.

Types of Hyundai ACs available

Hyundai offers a range of fixed speed and inverter split AC with advanced engineering, eco-friendly features, and a long-term warranty.

Their inverter split ACs are loaded with a DC inverter, self-diagnosis, ionizer, silent operation, dehumidifier, and advanced air purification system.

Their fixed speed ACs comes with the best-in-cooling features, hydrophilic fins, 100% copper for enhanced durability.

Best Hyundai AC Models

Here are the best selling Hyundai AC models for home and office use along with key specs, features and other info –

ModelFeaturesKnow More
Hyundai HSP53.GO1-QGE
split AC
Type: Split AC
Tonnage: 1.5
Cooling Capacity (100%) : 4.9KW
BEE Rating: 3-star
Inverter tech: Yes
Gas used: Not mentioned
Copper condenser coil: Yes
Warranty1 plus 4-year compressor warranty
Features: 4-way air deflection,
Turbo cool with antibacterial and active carbon filter
Hyundai HY4SB54.WVO-OL
inverter split AC
Type: Split AC
Tonnage: 1.5
Cooling Capacity (100%) : 5.35KW
BEE Rating: 3-star
Inverter tech: Yes
Gas used: R410a
Copper condenser coil: Yes
Warranty1 year + 5 years compressor
Features: Auto restart, rotary compressor
Hyundai HY2SB53.WVO-OL
Split AC
Type: Split AC
Tonnage: 1.5
Cooling Capacity (100%) : 4.9KW
BEE Rating: 3-star
Inverter tech: No
Gas used: R22
Copper condenser coil: Yes
Warranty1 year on product+ 5years on compressor
Features: Best in class cooling with easy maintenance,
Hyundai HY2SB33.WVO-OL
Split AC
Type: Split AC
Tonnage: 1
Cooling Capacity (100%) : 3.5KW
BEE Rating: 3-star
Inverter tech: No
Gas used: R22
Copper condenser coil: Yes
Warranty1 year on product+ 5years on compressor
Features: Best in class cooling with easy maintenance

Key Differentiation factors of Hyundai ACs

Hyundai ACs are equipped with many features, including self-diagnosis, silent operation, precise temperature control, ionizer, voice control, 100% copper condenser, and advanced air purification filters.

Some of the interesting features that differentiate it from other brands are discussed below.

Four-way air deflection for even cooling

Hyundai air conditioners come with 4-way deflectors placed vertically and horizontally so that the air can reach every inch of the room.

Vertical deflectors spread the air in the left, right, and center of the room. Horizontal deflectors cool the upper, lower, and center of the room.

Active carbon and anti-bacteria filters to cleanse the air

Hyundai air conditioners have activated carbon filters that cleanse the air and prevent dust, bacteria, and other harmful particles from entering the room.

Their advanced protection filter traps bacteria in the air and kills it, ensuring healthy air cools the room.

The filter can be cleaned when too much dirt is accumulated in it.

Turbo cool with Louver step adjust for faster cooling

Their ACs come with Turbo cool mode that helps to cool the room quickly and maintains the temperature.

The louver step adjust, a simple step-by-step process using the air conditioner remote, helps choose the air’s direction. These features help in better cooling and comfort.

Dehumidification to provide proper cooling

Humidity is bad for skin and comfort.

The dehumidification feature of Hyundai ACs provides correct cooling by preventing humidity, thereby saving a lot of energy and power bills.

All these features ensure that Hyundai ACs are a perfect companion to beat the hot Indian summer.

Who should buy ACs from Hyundai

Hyundai’s air conditioners are available in different capacities and price ranges for customers to choose according to their needs.

Their air conditioners are in the price range of 25000-45000. It is available in different capacities, including 1, 1.5, and 2 tons.

Their 1 ton is suitable for the small-sized room (<110 sq. ft), 1.5 is apt for medium-sized rooms (110-150 sq. ft), and 2 ton is appropriate for large-sized spaces.


Hyundai is an established brand offering a limited selection of air conditioners with many features to ensure that the room is cooled with low noise.

It is also equipped with filters to prevent the entry of allergens, dust, and microbes.

Finally, if you are an environmentalist, then you can consider Hyundai AC for its eco-friendly features.