Hitachi R-S700PND2 Side-by-Side Refrigerator Review

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In Brief: Hitachi R-S700PND2 Side-by-Side Refrigerator Review

The R-S700PND2 is a 659L capacity, side by side refrigerator catering to the needs of families looking for a freezer with more than 200L capacity. With an inverter compressor and dual-fan cooling technology, the R-S700PND2 can deliver top-notch performance. The class-leading protection against bacteria and fungi using the Nano Titanium filter and anti-mold gasket make it a sweat heart for families looking for a refrigerator with unparalleled protection from pathogens. The stellar design and intelligently designed internal storage compartment make it a great choice for a 6-member family or more.

Hitachi started its business in India as early as the 1930s and has over 25 business bases and over 10,000 employees in India.

With the ‘Social Innovation Business’, Hitachi is expanding its business In India.

With a capacity of 659 litres and a side-by-side door, the R-S700PND2 tries to stand out. Let’s find out if it’s true.

Key Specification of Hitachi R-S700PND2

The R-S700PND2 is a refrigerator with a design and functionality that will suit the needs of many.

The stellar design and storage design improve the functionality and capabilities of the refrigerator.

The inverter motor with dual fan cooling can deliver class-leading performance and prevents spoilage of food.

The inverter-free operation and the ability to connect to an inverter make the R-S700PND2 versatile.

To add to the above-mentioned specifications, the R-S700PND2 comes with anti-mould gasket and nano titanium filter that offers unparalleled protection from pathogens and other microorganisms.

The cooling retaining feature and the 659L capacity makes the R-S700PND2 a perfect choice for families looking for a refrigerator with larger freezer capacity.

StyleSide by Side
Fridge377 liters
Freezer228 liters
Dimensions (D x W x H)76.5 x 92 x 177.5 cm
Shelf TypeToughened Glass
DefrostFrost Free
Energy Star-qualifiedNo Stars, as of 2020
Yearly energy consumption-
Compressor Warranty10-years
Unique features Nano Titanium Filter
Other features 1. Inverter Compressor
2. Smart Connect
3. Stabilizer Free
4. Anti-Mould Gasket
5. Power Cooling
6. Long Cool Keeper
7. Dual Fan Cooling
8. Eco-Thermo Sensor
9. Dairy Pocket

Unique Features

The R-S700PND2 comes equipped with many features but only a few are unique to Hitachi.
Let’s have a look.

Nano Titanium Filter

Nano titanium is a cutting-edge technology that employs TiO2 catalyst to protect you against bacteria, fungi and bad odour. It is maintenance-free and requires no extra energy.


Set-Up Process

The R-S700PND2 is available from various e-commerce platforms such as, Flipkart, Croma etc.

The e-commerce platforms will facilitate the installation within 3-days of delivery.

If not, you can contact the Bosch’s customer care services will assist you in the installation.

Design and Available Space

The R-S700PND2 comes with a glass-black colour and side by side door design that stands out. The design is sure to grab eyeballs.

External Design

The refrigerator comes with a side by side door design with a glass-black colour.

The door design comes with a central ridge that runs along the doors giving it a very modern look. The digital display is integrated into the left side door.

Freezer Design and Capacity

With 4-shelves of which 2-are customizable, 2-storage boxes, one ice tray and 5-door pockets, the freezer meets the demand of many families.

The stellar design and 228litre capacity make it a versatile refrigerator.

Fridge Design and Capacity

The fridge has almost twice the capacity of the refrigerator and occupies the right-hand side of the R-S700PND2.

The fridge comes with 4-shelves, 2-storage boxes and 4door pockets.

The door pockets are large enough to accept big bottles and also comes with a diary storing section.


Cooling Mechanism

The R-S700PND2 is equipped with an inverter compressor that can adjust the speed based on internal load.

The associated dual-fan cooling system maintains a constant temperature throughout the freezer and fridge.

The refrigerator can maintain the temperature during a power cut with the Long Cool Keeper feature. The frost-free cooling system keeps icing at bay and improves user experience.


The R-S700PND2 is a big refrigerator but the side by side door system can improve both accessibility and convenience.

The separate doors and clear demarcation of freezer and fridge improve user experience.

The 659L capacity is not the biggest for a side by side refrigerator, but it is more than enough for a family of 6-members or more.

The side by side door also means bigger freezer storage with whopping 228L capacity.

The storage compartment is designed to address the needs of Indian customers.

The large bottle storage pockets, moisture lock-in technology and 2-storage boxes in both freezer and fridge is a testament to their design commitment.

The refrigerator offers superb protection against bacteria and fungi thanks to the Nano-Titanium Filter and anti-mould gasket.

The R-S700PND2 comes with an inverter compressor and dual cooling fan for faster cooling and optimum performance.

Energy Consumption

The R-S700PND2 doesn’t sport any BEE rating nor any energy consumption figure.

The brand has shied away from both which may be concerning for some. For a 659L capacity side-by-side door refrigerator, the power consumption can be quite high.

The inverter compressor does help to reduce power consumption but not to an extent where it matters.

Repairs & Warranty

The R-S700PND2 comes with a user manual that instructs you on how to undertake regular maintenance and mall repairs if needed.

The lack of smart features can be bothersome, but the service person will assist you with repairs and maintenance.

You can reach out to Hitachi customer care by dialling +91-756788-4848 or +91-797141-4848. They will assist you with repairs or will arrange for a visit by a technician for doing the repairs.

Hitachi offers 1-year comprehensive warranty and 10-year warranty for the compressor along with the R-S700PND2.

But the warranty does not cover various parts such as plastic parts, glassware, bulb, tube and workmanship.

Price of Hitachi R-S700PND2

The R-S700PND2 is a refrigerator that can suit only a few, especially considering the price tag. With a high price tag, the R-S700PND2 is out of reach for many.

The added features are not enough to justify the asking price.

The excellent performance, stellar looks and the ability to adapt to varying demands make it appealing to some. The design is something to withhold.


Who Should Buy Hitachi R-S700PND2?

The R-S700PND2 is not everyone’s cup of tea. With a side-by-side door design and stellar looks, the R-S700PND2 outclass many others in its category.

The capacity of 659 litres make it better suited or a family of more than 6-members.

The large freezer capacity of 228 litres makes it best for families that consume a lot of meat, fish and frozen products.

But the higher price tag may warn off a few, but the stellar design and glass black colour alone is more than enough to pull anyone towards it.

The design also improves accessibility and performance.

The improved protection form pathogens such as bacteria and fungi using nano-titanium and anti-mould gasket make the R-S700PND2 better suited for health-conscious families.

Why We Like it?

To sum it up, the R-S700PND2 is a refrigerator with a design and functionality that will intrigue only a small section of society.

To that particular reason, it serves its purpose with stellar design and a storage shelf design that suits the needs of any customer

The inverter motor with dual fan cooling improves performance while limiting energy consumption.

The inverter-free operation and the ability to connect to an inverter if the needs arise is also quite handy.

The anti-mold gasket and nano titanium filter improve safety while the Long Cool Keeper retains the temperature even during a blackout.

With a 659L capacity and the ability to adapt to people with different consumption pattern make the R-S700PND2 a superb choice for a family of 6-members or more.

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