Haier HR-65KS Mini Refrigerator Review

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In Brief: Haier HR-65KS Refrigerator Review

With the 53L capacity, Haier HR-65 KS comes with a single door, black color with tons of features. The superb performance, stabilizer-free operations, quick ice-cool technology make it a preferable buy for a budget-conscious small household with a single member.

Established in 1984, Haier Group is a world-leading provider of home solutions, and the Haier brand is among the BrandZ top 100 Valuable Global Brands.

The Haier ecosystem is a leader in the Internet of Things era.

We have analyzed and evaluated this model based on a diverse set of parameters to help you reach an informed decision regarding the purchase of this model.

Key Specifications of Haier HR-65KS

With 53 Liters capacity, it is a mini refrigerator with a single door and black color. It comes with quick ice cooling technology that saves time and makes ice faster.

This model also has many industry-standard features such as toughened glass shelves, large capacity, and low noise and vibration compressor.

It also has stabilizer-free operation, thicker insulation, removable gasket and, recess handle. This model is also non-CFC, and hence, it is very environment friendly.

The list of detailed specifications is given below-

Model No.HR-65KS
StyleSingle Door
Total Capacity (Liters)53
Fridge Capacity (Liters)50
Freezer Capacity (Liters)3
Dimensions (in cm)49.4x47.6x67.6
Shelf TypeToughened Glass
DefrosterDirect Cool
Energy Star Rating2
Yearly Energy Consumption (Kilowatt Hour)179
Overall Warranty1 year
Compressor Warranty5 years
Unique Features1. Quick Ice Cooling Technology
2. Non-CFC
Other Features1. Low Noise and Vibration Compressor
2. Stabilizer Free Operations
3. Removable Gasket
4. Recess handle
5. Thicker Insulation

Unique Features

To make this model stand out, Haier has added a few unique features. Let’s check them out

Quick Ice Cooling Technology

The Quick Ice Cooling Technology enables ice to form faster. It also enables food to chill faster, which helps in saving time.


This model does not use any harmful refrigerants that can cause damage to you or the planet. It uses R600a refrigerant, which is environment friendly and does not hamper the surroundings around you.

Set-Up Process

This model is available at all e-commerce websites such as Amazon, Flipkart, etc. so, it would not be a problem to find one.

Also, this product comes ready to use and does not require any installation.

Design and Available Space

This model stands out due to its compact design, and the black color renders it an elegant look.

External Design

The compact design and the black color form an elegant look. The recess handle increases convenience and provides an aesthetic feel to the mini-fridge.

This mini refrigerator has a clean back with a smooth safety cover for its internal components that can be easily wiped clean.

It also looks neat and provides added durability.

Freezer Design and Capacity

The freezer capacity is 3 Liters which is quite high considering the fact that most mini refrigerators of similar capacity do not have freezers.

This freezer is a good fit for households having a single member who has fewer freezer requirements.

Fridge Design and Capacity

The fridge has 50 Liter capacity and has one shelf. It is good for people living alone or people who are always traveling and do not have too much food to store.

The door comes with two pockets and can store 3 to 4 cans of soft drinks or other items of similar size. It is perfect for people who do not need much storage space for drinks.

Cooling Mechanism

This model is equipped with quick ice cooling technology which creates ice faster. It also chills the food faster and saves time.


With its compact design and black color, this model stands out. Now, let us have a look at its performance.

The ice cooling technology creates ice faster. It also chills food faster and saves time and is a great fit for people who are always in the move and are time constrained.

The stabilizer free operations feature makes this model highly useful in places of frequent voltage fluctuations.

The thicker PUF insulation helps to retain optimum coolness and freshness for foods and drinks. The thick removable gasket does not allow bacteria to enter and makes the edibles fresher for longer periods.

Energy Consumption

The 2-Star rating of the BEE shows the energy efficiency of this model.

It consumes 179 units of energy which translates to about Rs. 1300 per year in metro cities which is 200 rupees lesser than most mini refrigerators as most of them have a 1-star rating for similar capacity.

Price of Haier HR-65KS

After a detailed analysis and thorough evaluation, we have come to the conclusion that the price of this model is in line with other refrigerators of similar capacity and energy rating.

Repairs and Warranty

You can make small repairs yourself with the help of the manual or call 1800 419 9999 for assistance.

In case of major repairs, you can contact through mail at [email protected] or call toll-free number 1800 102 9999 for onsite and offsite repairs.

This model comes with a warranty of 1 year for the refrigerator and 5 years for the compressor.

Who should buy Haier HR-65KS?

With 53 Liters capacity, this model is targeted towards smaller and budget conscious households with single members.

The thicker insulation and removable gasket keep the food fresh for longer periods of time and is good for people living a fast-paced life.

The stabilizer free operations provide smooth operations within 135 V to 290V which makes this model highly recommendable in places with frequent voltage fluctuations.

The non-CFC feature makes it environment friendly and is a good fit for environmentally conscious people.

Why do we like it?

We like this model for the desirable features of Quick Ice Cool Technology, Non-CFC, Thicker Insulation and Stabilizer Free Operations.

The 53 L capacity makes it ideal for small households with single members and the single door feature makes it convenient and provides good space management.

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