Do Air Purifiers Work for Pet Odour?

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Quick Answer: Do Air Purifiers Work for Pet Odour?

Pet odour refers to the unpleasant smells originating from pets. These are present in the air as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and can be removed by air purifiers which are designed to remove gaseous pollutants and VOCs. Activated Carbon filters are highly effective in dealing with pet odour and these filters can be used in combination with other types of technologies to create highly efficient systems.

A large variety of air purifiers are available in the market which use different technologies and has varying capabilities and efficiency.

Different types of air purifiers have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages and might be effective against certain types of pollutants and ineffective against other types.

This article will look at the ability of various types of air purifiers in removing pet odour from the air.

What is Pet Odour and How it is Caused?

Unpleasant smells caused by pets are called pet odour.

Like all kinds of smell, tiny particles/molecules released by organisms/objects are responsible for causing the sensation of smell.

There might be a mumber of reasons behind pet odour. Pet dander, or tiny flakes of skin shed by pets is a common source of unpleasant odours in homes.

Other reasons include scent glands in mammals which produce strong scents, urine/feces, medical problems, a dirty tank/cage, or even parasites.

Healthy pets typically do not have an offensive odor. Poor health, hygiene, missed baths, or even too much moisture can result in pets producing uncomfortable smells.

How Air Purifiers Can Benefit in Removing Pet Odour

Irrespective of the source and cause, the odours coming from pets take the form of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

These are gaseous pollutants comprised of very tiny molecules.

If cleaning have not fixed the odour problem and if you eliminated the possibility of medical issues, an air purifier that can effectively deal with VOCs is a good tool for removing pet odours.

Some air purifiers are very effective in removing or destroying VOCs, while others barely do anything with VOCs.

The ability of an air purifier to deal with odour depends on its designs as well as technology.

The following section will take a look at certain types of air purifiers and their suitability in dealing with pet odor.

What kind of Air Purifiers Work Best for Pet Odour

While air purifiers are useful in removing pet odour from air, it should be kept in mind that all air purifiers are not the same.

Some are much more effective at removing pet odour than others, while other air purifiers might be ineffective.

This section will take a look at various types of air purifiers and their suitability for removing airborne bacteria.

Ozone generator Purifiers

Ozone generators attempt to remove VOCs from the air by breaking them down into different molecules using ozone. Ozone itself is a pollutant that can exacerbate respiratory issues.

Experts are generally against using them and has concluded that though odor may be perceived to be masked by the smell of ozone itself, “ozone is not effective at removing many odor-causing chemicals.”

If one is used to try and remove pet odors, no one can be in the room while it is operating, and the room must be aired out afterward.

Clean up any substances that settle out of the air, as these could be harmful, especially to pets who walk in them.

Purifiers with Carbon filter

An air purifier that uses activated carbon filters are designed to help with most VOCs effectively, and this includes pet odors.

Carbon or charcoal filters trap molecules, like a million keyholes capturing keys. At some point all the keyholes fill up, and then the molecules can pass through the filter.

So carbon filters must be changed at regular intervals. This could be expensive and annoying for some.

HEPA filter based Air Purifiers

A HEPA filter is designed to remove particles from the air, but the molecules in the VOCs from pet odors are too small.

These molecules can pass right through HEPA filters. So a HEPA filter will is not effective on pet smells.

Hybrid Sytems

Air purifiers that use a combination of technologies like HEPA filter, UV-C radiations and activated carbon filters are the most effective in removing pet odor.


We hope that this article has helped you in creating a clear picture about the role of air purifiers in removing pet odour and the various benefits and limitations associated with different types of air purifiers while dealing with pet odour.

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