Bosch WAT24463IN Front Load, Fully Automatic Washing Machine Review

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In Brief: Bosch WAT24463IN Washing Machine Review

The fully automatic, front-loading Bosch WAT24463IN has a capacity of 8kg. With EcoSilence drive with the inverter motor and a spin rate of 1,200 RPM, the washer stands straight and proud. The VarioDrum, VarioPerfect and ActiveWater feature improves performance while conserving resources. The added features such as child protection, heater, AllergyPlus programs, hygiene functions along with reduced noise and vibrations make the life of a family of 6-7 people, a lot easier and smoother.

The German company Bosch is a multinational conglomerate that has carters to various business sectors that ranges from automobile parts and solution to home appliances and power tools.

Their Indian arm, called Bosh India focuses on mobility, industry-oriented goods, power tools and home appliances among many.

The Bosch WAT24463IN is a powerhouse with an 8kg capacity and an inverter while being fully automatic and front-loading. In this article, we are going to review various features, performance, design and many other things.

Key specification of Bosch WAT24463IN Washing Machine

With the fully automatic, front-loading washing machine, Bosch is addressing the market gap with 8kg capacity and superior performance.

With a maximum spin speed of 1,200RPM and EcoSilence drive, the noise and vibration production are reduced to a bare minimum.

The inbuilt heater along with AllergyPlus and hygiene programs makes sure that your family is protected against allergens and various pathogens.

VarioDrum and VarioPerfect features ensure top-notch performance while reducing energy and time consumption by 65% and 20% respectively. Such features also help to prevent any damage to your clothes.

The added features such as Child lock, ActiveWater, foam detection reduces the time and attention needed towards the washing machine. The ActiveWater feature help to balance the load inside the drum for optimum performance.

You can see that in here:


The inverter motor also assists in this, thus offering reduced energy consumption.

Load TypeFront Loading
Automatic Fully Automatic
Capacity (kg)8 kg
Machine Weight (kgs)71.45 kg
Dimensions (H x W x D)84.8 x 59.8 x 63.2 cm
Max Spin Cycle-major1,200 rpm
Noise LevelWashing: 49 dB
Spinning: 74 dB
Unique Aspects Allergy-Plus Program
EcoSilence Drive
Warranty2-years for the washing machine and 12-years for the motor
Accessories included Washing Machine
Inlet pipe
Drain Hose
Water filter
User manual

Unique features

Along with the standard set of features, the WAT24463IN also comes with certain unique features such as Allergy Plus, VarioPerefct, EcoSilence Drive and VarioDrum. Such features let it stand out from the crowd.


The AllegyPlus programs help to remove detergent, allergens and various microorganisms to improve the health condition of your family.


The inbuilt VarioPerfect feature is energy and time-saving feature that Bosch has developed for their washing machines. With VarioPerfect you can save 65 and 20% of time and resources respectively.

EcoSilence Drive

It is Bosch’s friction-free motor that reduces friction thus by increasing the life span of the motor. Reduced friction also results in reduced levels of noise, vibrations and heat.

Source: Bosch


With the VarioDrum which is a two-sided system with the paddles offering a steep and flat surface when the drum rotates in different directions, Bosch delivers top-notch performance to you.

Here, you can have a look into it:



Ease of Set-Up

Setting up the washing machine is easy, as the installation and demonstration are offered to you without any cost.

With different online and offline market places including or Flipkart or Bosch’s website selling the WAT24463IN, it is easy to get one.

Even though Bosch doesn’t have perfect customer care service record, the installation and demonstration is guaranteed and should happen within 3 days of delivery.

With the compact size and front-loading nature, the washing machine can fit under your kitchen cupboards with ease.

All that is needed includes uninterrupted access to a tap, 15Amps electric supply, drainage and earthing to avoid electrical shocks.


Bosch is always known to produce excellent performers with an understated look and feel. The story is the same here also. With a white metal-clad figure and front-mounted door and controls, WAT24463IN looks rather dull.

But that is a boon for many, who don’t want to live with the eye-popping design offered by many other manufacturers.

Source: Bosch

The control panel is neatly laid out with a swivel wheel that lets to select different programs and a large display panel with touch buttons embedded on to it. The control panel is rather sleek and stylish compared to the rest.

Source: Bosch

Washing Mechanism

Being a top of the line washing machine, the WAT24463IN comes with all the bells and whistles. to give you the class-leading performance.

VarioDrum provides a flat and steep surface when the drum rotates in 2 different directions, this ensures a fast, reliable and clean wash without damaging your clothes.

VarioPerfect feature reduces the time and resources consumed for washing your clothes by 65% and 20% respectively.

With the friction-less motor and a spin speed of 1,200 RPM, the washing machine is able to offer class-leading performance.

The inverter motor helps to manage the speed and performance based on the load, which saves resources more efficiently.


With a front-loading, fully automated and with a capacity of 8kg the WAT24463IN is capable of meeting the demands of a 6-7-member family. The front-loading mechanism along with VarioDrum cleans the clothes perfectly.

The PreWash and VarioPerfect features improve cleaning quality while conserving time and resources. With express wash and hygiene functions, you will be able to ensure the safety and health of your family.

The inbuilt heater and the large capacity drum are able to accept large quantities of clothes and perfect wash. The multiple loaded programs improve the washing experiences while conserving your time.

The friction-less motor is capable of producing 1,200 spins per minute while producing 74dB of sound. That is very low levels of noise for a washing machine.

The motor also ensures a longer life span due to its friction-less architecture. The washing machine with its advanced features can clean any dirty clothes and meet the requirements with ease.


Energy Consumption & Efficiency

With the temperature set to maximum, the Bosch WAT24463IN consumes 1.9kWh but at 30-degree Celsius the power consumption drops to 0.2kWh.

The VarioPerfect and various other energy-saving features ensure such a drastic decrease in power consumption.

With such a low power consumption figure, the WAT24463IN is one among the most efficient washing machines out there.

Repairs and Warranty

With a warranty of 2-years for the washing machine and 12-years for motor makes it a perfect deal for many. The provided manual along with various instruction videos helps you to take on small repairs and regular maintenance.

But if the problem persists, then you are better of calling the customer service via 1800 266 1880 or sending an email at [email protected]

But bear in mind that the response time of Bosch’s customer service is just ok and often people complain about the same.

Price of Bosch WAK24268IN Washing Machine

With very competitive pricing and many advanced features, the WAT24463IN is a stellar offer for many. The 8-kg capacity with inverter motor improves efficiency a lot and the price are well justified.


Who Should Buy the Bosch WAK24268IN?

For a family of 6-7-members, the Bosch WAT24463IN is a perfect fit. The added features with the understated look and excellent built quality along with the performance ensure you get best-in-class experience.

Why We Like it

With the VarioDrum, VarioPerfect, AllergyPlus, ActiveWater and inverter motor the WAT24463IN offers class-leading performance in a silent package.

The Child Protection, ActiveWater, Foam detection, multiple water protection and many loaded programs, the washing machine helps to perform optimally for itself and for you.

The 8kg capacity and fully automated nature make it perfect for a 6-7-member family.

The compact size along with reduced noise and vibration lets it fit under a kitchen cupboard without causing any nuisance for you and your family.

The EcoSilence drive and SpeedPerfect features also reduce both time and resource consumption while delivering optimal performance.


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