Bosch Washing Machine Complaints – Areas of Improvement

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In Brief: Bosch Washing Machine Complaints

Users of Bosch washing machines have complained about the after-sales service. The response from Bosch is either delayed or unsatisfactory. Customer reviews also complain about various aspects of product design and product performance. These issues, however, are far less in number as compared to the complaints about service.

Thinking of getting a new washing machine? Are you considering the brand Bosch as an option?

We understand that for most households, a washing machine is a big investment.

That’s why buyers prefer to research their options online before selecting a particular brand or model.

The German brand Bosch is a popular choice among consumers but do Bosch products live up to the brand name?

It’s hard to get a realistic picture from online sources as most texts endorse brands.

Overall, we have found Bosch to be an excellent brand for washing machines with the majority of buyers very happy with the product, with only a few complaints.

Please note, there is no washing machine brand however expensive which does have customer complaints. So, these complaints should be looked upon as area of improvement and just one of the many parameters to consider before buying and NOT the main criteria.

In this article, we’ve attempted to summarize the complaints users have had with Bosch washing machines.

This should give potential buyers an idea about whether Bosch is the right choice for them or not.

Bosch Washing Machine Complaints

From our analysis of customer reviews on various e-commerce websites and online forums, we found the following information.

It seems as if customer complaints with Bosch washing machines cover three categories.

These include after-sales services, product design, and product performance.

1. After-Sales Services Could Be Better

A vast majority of complaints about Bosch washing machines are regarding customer service.

Across different platforms, some buyers seem unsatisfied with the quality of Bosch’s after-sales service.

Reviewers have complained about technicians not visiting them in time for installation.

For some customers, this delay meant several weeks. The technicians also seemed more interested in selling accessories than giving product demos.

It seems as if all washing machine brands in India have these issues. Some complaints mention delayed responses or visits when it came to machine servicing as well.

2. Product Design

One of the most common complaints regarding design in Bosch washing machines is about too much noise.

This is quite unexpected as these complaints are from reviews on some front-loaders that have Anti-vibration design.

When we investigated this further, we found that the % of these issues is very small and most users report the machines to be very quiet. 

Other areas with scope for improvement in the design include the lengths of the power cable and inlet pipe.

This may be an issue as in many houses, there is no dedicated space for washing machines and thus a longer chord really helps.

But again, this is a very minor issue, easily sorted using an extension cord.

Some reviews mention too much sensitivity in the touch panel.

There are also a few that talk about assembly defects, but none of these are as common as noise complaints.

3. (Very few) Product Performance Issues

Though much less in frequency, there are also a few complaints about product performance.

Apparently, some users have had difficulty in running Bosch washers with water pressure below a certain level.

This is only an issue as the pressure level was not the same as that advertised. Another complaint by a few reviewers is that the wash quality of some models is not up to mark.

These users have mentioned that their Bosch washing machines aren’t that effective in removing stains.


Across different platforms, most of the customer complaints were regarding delayed or unsatisfactory customer service from Bosch.

This is a very common problem for all washing machine brands in India.

Other than this, there were also a few complaints regarding product design and performance. Some users found their washers to be too loud or having touch panels that are too sensitive.

A few even complained about the wash quality of Bosch washing machines.

However, these were much less in frequency as compared to the complaints about after-sales services.

Overall, the impression received from reviews is that Bosch washing machines are manufactured well but are difficult to get serviced.

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