Bosch WAK24268IN Fully Automatic Washing Machine Review

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In Brief: Bosch WAK24268IN Washing Machine Review

Bosch WAK24268IN is an automatic washer with a 7kg capacity and a front-loading mechanism. With a maximum speed of 1,200RPM, Eco-Silent motor and VarioDrum, the washing machine offers stellar performance. With a ton load of programs and time delay function, small homeowners with up to 4-5 people will find it superb.

Bosch is a German multinational company that manufactures a lot many things ranging from automobile parts to power tools to home appliances.

Bosch India is their Indian arm with an excellent market presence with their mobility, industry-oriented and home appliances sectors performing exceptionally well.

The Bosch WAK24268IN is a fully-automatic front-loading washing machine with inbuilt heater designed for Indian consumers.

In this article, we will critique their design and performance and also, we will highlight the market it addresses.

Key specification of Bosch WAK24268IN Washing Machine

The Bosch WAK24268IN shines in daily life speed of 1,200RPM and a capacity of 7Kgs. The washer also has an inbuilt heater which lets you control and set the temperature according to your convenience.

The washing machine comes with many programs and tons of optimization features which makes your life a lot easier.

The washer is fully automatic and front-loading which saves time and resources, with which you can do something productive.

The inbuilt heater can work along with various programs or you can set the temperature manually which is a great addition.

The washer comes with VarioDrum technology which ensures class-leading performance without damaging your clothes.

You can see that for yourself here:


The eco-silence drive and anti-vibration features help to reduce both noise and vibration which brings peace and calmness to your home. At 74dB when spinning, it is one of the quietest in its class.

Child lock, ActiveWater, Foam detection and Time delay functions are among many desirable features that make this washer stand out from the crowd.

With the Time delay function, you can put the washing on hold for up to 24hrs.

ActiveWater and water management systems ensure perfect load balance, resource utilization and multiple water protection which protects both the washer and your clothes from damages.

Load TypeFront Loading
Automatic Fully Automatic
Capacity (kg)7 kg
Machine Weight (kgs)72.385 kg
Dimensions (H X W X D)85 x 60 x 60 cm
Max Spin Cycle-major1,200 rpm
Noise LevelWashing: 54 dB
Spinning: 74 dB
Unique Aspects Anti-Vibration Design
Allergy-Plus Program
Time Delay Function
Warranty2-years for the washing machine and 10-years for the motor
Accessories included Inlet pipe, Drain Hose, Water filter, User manual, Warranty information

Unique features

To make WAK24268IN stands out from the crowd by offering unique features. Bosch makes sure that such features are exclusive to their product.

Time Delay Function

With the Time delay function, you can put the washing on hold for up to 24hrs.

This allows you to make washing completely automatic as you can leave the washer programmed to run at a specific time even if you are not present there.

Anti-Vibration Design

The side panels of Bosch WAK24268IN are designed to reduce vibrations and sound, to make your family life much smoother.

The increased stability and reduced vibrations are depicted in this video;

Allergy-Plus Program

Bosch designed the Allergy-Plus program to reduce the number of allergens left in your clothes.

To achieve this WAK24268IN washes the cloth at 60 degrees for a limited time.


The VarioDrum technology which is proprietary to Bosch is included in the washer to improve the washing efficiency.

The VarioDrum offers easy and thorough washing while keeping the cloths safe.

Image shows the paddles along with the wave-droplet design of the drum

Source: Bosch


Ease of Set Up

To set up the machine, you have to ensure access to a tap, 15Amps electric supply, drainage and earthing to avoid electrical shocks.

Being so compact and front-loading, it can fit under a kitchen cupboard but do leave some space behind the washer to ensure optimum cooling.

The technicians will install it for free within 72 hours of delivery when you are purchasing it from, Flipkart or Bosch’s official website. Bosch advises the buyer to call their service agent once the washer is delivered.

Installation and demonstration are free but you may need additional material for which they will charge you.


The visual appeal of Bosch WAK24268IN is nothing special but it does come in 2 colours. The washer has a boxy design that measures 85 x 60 x 60 cm.

The front-loading mechanism along with controls aligned on the top of the front makes it a decent looking washing machine.

Source: Bosch

The control panel includes a program wheel, display panel and control buttons. The side profiles are pretty standard and nothing much to write about.

Washing Mechanism

For WAK24268IN, Bosch offers its proprietary VarioDrum and Eco-Silence drive that gives an unparalleled experience to you.

VarioDrum is Bosch’s intuitive system where they have placed 2-paddles inside the drum.

The paddles offer a flat surface when the drum rotates in one direction producing the best cleaning experience.

When the rotation is in the opposite direction the paddles offer a steeper surface that gives a deep clean for the clothes.


The front-loading 7Kg capacity of Bosch WAK24268IN is a perfect choice for a small family. The front-loading mechanism improves accessibility, automation and resource conservation.

The Eco-Silent drive along with VarioDrum and loads of programs ensures stellar performance without losing any performance nor aesthetics.

The washer also has a heater can be programmed separately. You can set the temperature as you like it. With a capacity of 58L, the drum has enough volume to address the needs of your family.

Even under high spin or load, the washer produces little to no noise and vibrations. Even when washing soiled and dirty clothes the results are quite good.

The different programs help to tackle various situations.


Energy Consumption & Efficiency

The average power consumption of Bosch WAK24268IN can vary as the heater takes a toll on your power bill. At peak temperature of 90 degrees, the energy consumption can reach up to 2.3kWh.

On average the power consumption is rated at 0.99kWh, making it an efficient washing machine. The water requirement per wash is pegged at 47L, making it a bargain on energy savings.

Repairs and Warranty

Bosch offers a 2-year warranty for the washer and 10-year warranty for 10 years which is a great offer.

If you have to undertake any maintenance such as blocked pipes the provided instruction manual which gives you a detailed description on how to do it.

But if the repair needed is much more demanding then you are better off with calling a service person.
You can contact them via email or phone.

By dialling 1800 266 1880 or mailing Bosch at [email protected] or reaching out to them through Bosch’s website.

Price of Bosch WAK24268IN

When you compare other front-loading washing machines with 7kg capacity Bosch WAK24268IN holds on its own. But it is not the cheapest and the added features are not enough to justify the price.


Who Should Buy the Bosch WAK24268IN?

For a family of 4-5 people, Bosch WAK24268IN can be a perfect solution. It is a fully-automatic washer with 7kg capacity that comes with added features which makes your life a lot easier.

Why We Like it

The important factors contributing to us to like it includes the 7kg capacity with the front-loading mechanism.

Along with that being fully automated and added measures to reduce vibrations and noise makes it a perfect choice for a small family.

The capability to delay the washing process and a heater that can accept independent temperature programs ensures efficient wash.

The compact nature, intuitive controls, reduced resource wastage makes it a perfect choice for small homeowners.


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