Blue Star Air Conditioner : Models, Features & Pricing

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Blue Star is an Indian company focused on the industry of air conditioning and commercial refrigeration. It was founded back in 1943 and is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

The company started with reconditioning, ice candy machines, and bottle coolers. Eventually, it expanded into central air conditioning and water coolers.

Today, Blue Star offers its customers solutions in mechanical, electrical, and plumbing fields. It also has a multinational presence with products supplied to the Middle East, ASEAN, and SAARC countries.

Blue Star AC Review

Air conditioners sold by Blue Star are known for their versatility, air purification, and silent operation.

They offer various combinations of designs and features and are priced anywhere between INR 27,000 and INR 67,000.

Type of Blue Star ACs

Blue Star has a wide range of products meant for air conditioning that is divided into five broad categories. Out of these, the category of room air conditioners is ideal for use in homes and offices.

The remaining four are better suited to commercial spaces. The room air conditioners are further classified into five sub-categories. Split ACs that come with an inverter comes in a series of 5-star models and one of the 3-star models.

Another series is of non-inverter split units. The final two sub-categories are window-style AC and portable air conditioners. As for the commercial models, these come in a variety of model types.

Cassette ACs fit into the ceiling and expel air from vents on its sides. Mega Split models are much like regular split ACs, except that they are sized between 2.5 to 3 tons.

The Verticool series is Blue Star’s range of tower air conditioners available in 2 to 5 tons. The brand also offers options for central air conditioning.

Comparing Top Blue Star AC Models

ModelFeaturesKnow More
3WAE081YDFType: Window
Tonnage: 0.75
Cooling Capacity: 0.84 kW
BEE Rating: 3 star
Features: Anti-Freeze Thermostat, Eco-Friendly Refrigerant, Comfort Sleep, Hydrophilic Blue Fin, Dry Mode, Self Diagnosis
IC518QATXType: Split
Tonnage: 1.5
Cooling Capacity: 1.42 kW
BEE Rating: 5 star
Features: Inverter, iFeel, Comfort Sleep, Self Clean, Auto Restart with memory, Hydrophobic Blue Fin, Hidden Display, Dust Filter, Self Diagnosis
IC518DBTUType: Split
Tonnage: 1.5
Cooling Capacity: 1.37 kW
BEE Rating: 5 star
Features: Inverter, R32 Refrigerant, iFeel, Hidden Display, Precision Cooling, 7-Stage Filtration, Dual User Settings, Climate Cooling
IC312MATUType: Split
Tonnage: 1
Cooling Capacity: 1.15 kW
BEE Rating: 3 star
Features: Inverter, R32 Refrigerant, Dust Filter, Blue Fin, iFeel, Summer Cool, Hidden Display, Self Clean, Comfort Sleep
3W12LAType: Window
Tonnage: 1
Cooling Capacity: 1.16 kW
BEE Rating: 3 star
Features: Copper Condensing Coil, R32 Refrigerant, Dehumidifier, Comfort Sleep, Anti-Freeze Thermostat, PCB Metal Enclosure, Auto Mode, Self Diagnosis
IC512DATUType: Split
Tonnage: 1
Cooling Capacity: 3.62 kW
BEE Rating: 5 star
Features: Inverter, R32 Refrigerant, Dual User Settings, Precision Cooling, iFeel, Climate Control, Hidden Display, Blue Fin, Dual Rotary Compressor
BI-3HW18AATUType: Split
Tonnage: 1.5
Cooling Capacity: 5.15 kW
BEE Rating: 3 star
Features: 100% Copper Condenser Coil, Antibacterial Coating, iFeel, Comfort Sleep, Hidden Display, Climate Control, Self Clean, Gold Fin, 2-Way Auto Swing, Auto Restart with Memory, Dual User Settings, Self Diagnosis
FS318AATXType: Split
Tonnage: 1.5
Cooling Capacity: 1.39 kW
BEE Rating: 3 star
Features: Smart Detect Technology, Turbo Cool, 2-Way Auto Swing, Auto Restart with Memory, Gold Fin, Hidden Display, Self Clean, iFeel, Comfort Sleep, Self Diagnosis
3W18LDType: Window
Tonnage: 1.5
Cooling Capacity: 1.73 kW
BEE Rating: 3 star
Features: High Energy Efficiency Rotary Compressor, Comfort Sleep, Blue Fin, Auto Restart with Memory, PCB Metal Enclosure, Anti-Freeze Thermostat, Auto Mode, Self Diagnosis
FS318AATUType: Split
Tonnage: 1.5
Cooling Capacity: 1.45 kW
BEE Rating: 3 star
Features: 100% Copper Consender Coil, Golden Hydrophilic Fin, iFeel, Turbo Cool, Self Clean, Comfort Sleep, Hidden Display, 2-Way Auto Swing, Auto Restart with Memory, Self Diagnosis
IC518DBTXType: Split
Tonnage: 1.5
Cooling Capacity: 1.29 kW
BEE Rating: 5 star
Features: Inverter, Precision Cooling, Climate Control, Powerful Mode, Dual User Settings, iFeel, Hidden Display, Multi-Filtration Stages, Brushless DC Motor
BI-3HW12AATXType: Split
Tonnage: 1
Cooling Capacity: 3.35 kW
BEE Rating: 3 star
Features: Antibacterial Coating, Golden Hydrophilic Fin, Hidden Display, iFeel, Turbo Cool, Self Clean, Comfort Sleep, Self Diagnosis

Key Differentiating Factors of Blue Star ACs

As an Indian brand, Blue Star is doing pretty well and isn’t far off from its international competitors. Some of the factors that make the company stand apart from other AC manufacturers are as follows.

iFeel – Dual Sensors for More Comfort

A vast majority of Blue Star air conditioners come equipped with iFeel technology. Unlike regular ACs, models with iFeel have two temperature sensors in the system.

There is a sensor in the device remote control in addition to the one embedded in the unit. This allows the AC to detect the temperature around the user to control the air cooling. iFeel is particularly useful in larger rooms.

Top Quality Components – Durable and Safe

Most Blue Star ACs come with complete copper condenser coils and Hydrophilic Evaporator Fins with Blue or Gold coverings.

These characteristics increase the durability of units and reduce maintenance.

Many of the top models have PCB metal enclosure that prevents any overheating of electrical components. Anti-Freeze Thermostat eliminates the possibility of frost formation that happens when units are set at very low temperatures.

High Standard Air Filtration

Blue Star is a brand known for prioritizing air purification. Several top models have multi-stage air filters that ensure that the air-cooled is also clean. These stages include different types of filters that target specific pollutants.

Active Carbon Filter deodorizes the air, Anti-Bacterial Filter sterilizes it, and Vitamin C Filter interacts with free radicals.

Furthermore, Catechin Filter and Silver Ion Filter prevent microbial growth, Dust Filter traps particles, and Anti-Acarien Filter reduces allergens.

Premium yet Affordable

The Indian market is a price-sensitive one and Blue Star understands that. Even though its price range isn’t significantly different from competing brands, there is scope for savings. Many of the models priced at the lower end come packed with premium features.

The company invests a lot in R&D and has abandoned the use of R22 refrigerant. It also is the recipient of numerous awards recognizing good corporate performance. Together, these things make Blue Star ACs high-end and yet affordable.

Who Should Buy ACs from Blue Star

These air conditioners are available in all sorts of sizes so they can suit small to large rooms. They do not use refrigerants that are bad for the ozone layer so pro-environment individuals can go for them.

Blue Star ACs operate silently and have relatively low maintenance. They work extremely well in purifying air along with cooling.

They’ll make a good buy for customers who are looking for all these characteristics. Do not buy a Blue Star AC if you want a product that is low in power usage.


Blue Star is an Indian manufacturer of air conditioners.

The brand is popular for its versatility, silently operating units and air purification. Top models are available in both split and window styles with either 3 or 5-star energy efficiency.

These air conditioners only use ozone-friendly refrigerants. They also come with high-quality components known for safety and durability. Blue Star is ideal for buyers looking for an Indian-made premium AC at a reasonable rate.

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