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Best UHD TV In India: OnePlus Q1 Series QLED TV 55Q1IN-1

Top Pick

With a screen to body ratio of 95.7%, this OnePlus model boasts of a virtually bezel-less design. The slim unified design is clutter-free and can be accommodated into any space, enhancing the aesthetic.

The TV features a sliding soundbar, making for a very futuristic experience.

Check out the features of this OnePlus 4K UHD TV in a quick video.

Key Specifications

  • Screen Dimensions – 55 inches
  • Operating System – Android
  • Color Gamut – NTSC 120%, Gamma Color Magic
  • HDR Compatibility – DOLBY VISION, HDR10, HDR10+, HLG
  • Wi-Fi Compatibility – 2.4 GHz/5 GHz, 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
  • HDMI/USB – 4/3
  • Power Consumption – 165 W


  • Features black crystal anti-glare
  • Built-in Chromecast, Google Assistant, Alexa, and Google PlayStore
  • QLED display for crisp and saturated displays
  • Higher noise reduction, super-resolution and color accuracy
  • Offers support for HDR 10 and HDR10+
  • Smart, holistic viewing and overall user experience


  • Installation service could be better

There are many USPs of this TV that makes this model a perfect buy for all, but mainly it has to be the smartphone-like experience of using the television!

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A UHD TV or an Ultra-high-definition television is also known colloquially by many different names like Ultra HD television, Super Hi-Vision or simply, UHDTV.

There are primarily two types of UHD TVs in the market, namely the 4K and the 8K digital video formats, which work best with aspect ratios of 16:9 or broader.

In simpler terms, we are no longer enslaved to the old pixelated displays of standard televisions.

With the advent of Blu-ray technology and enhanced modes of shooting with high definition cameras, you can now experience stunning picture quality seen never before on television available now within the comforts of your living room.

Since the 4K models are predominantly prevalent in the Indian market, in the following section of this article, we are going to review the top 12 UHD 4K models for you of different sizes and functionalities.

Additionally, we have also included a 13th model by Samsung boasting of 8K UHD vision to understand its features. Read on to find out more!

Best UHD TV In India Compared

Here’s a comparison between top UHD TV In India:

Product ImageProduct NameFeaturesPrice
OnePlus Q1 Series QLED TV 55Q1IN-1
  • TV Size (inches): 55
  • Operating System: Android
  • USP: Features black crystal anti-glare

Mi LED TV 4X 4K Android TV
  • TV Size (inches): 50
  • Operating System: Android 9.0
  • USP: Data saver mode

LG 4K TV 43UM7290PTF
  • TV Size (inches): 43
  • Operating System: webOS Smart TV
  • USP: Smart energy savings available

Samsung Super 6 Series 4K UA43NU6100
  • TV Size (inches): 55
  • Operating System: Tizen
  • USP: Support for IPv6 available

Sanyo Kaizen Series TV XT-55A082U
  • TV Size (inches): 55
  • Operating System: Android 9.0
  • USP: Integrated services of Netflix

  • TV Size (inches): 50
  • Operating System: Android 5.1.1
  • USP: Response time as less as 8 ms

Sony Bravia 4K Smart TV KD-43X7002F
  • TV Size (inches): 43
  • Operating System: Linux
  • USP: Excellent support for PS3 and PS4

Kevin 4K Smart TV KN49UHD-PRO
  • TV Size (inches): 49
  • Operating System: Android 7
  • USP: Auto-sleep feature

TCL 4K TV 43P65US-2019
  • TV Size (inches): 43
  • Operating System: Linux
  • USP: Easy to use UI

Shinco 4K UHD TV S65QHDR10
  • TV Size (inches): 65
  • Operating System: Android 7.0 with UNIWALL
  • USP: Smart recommendation engine

Vu Smart LED TV 50CA (Black)
  • TV Size (inches): 50
  • Operating System: Google Android Pie 9.0
  • USP: Adaptable to Apple and Windows

Panasonic Smart TV TH-43FX650D
  • TV Size (inches): 43
  • Operating System: HomeOS
  • USP: Multi-HDR support offered

  • TV Size (inches): 82
  • Operating System: Tizen
  • USP: Special lighting for special occasions


best overall rating

Mi LED TV 4X 4K Android TV

Best Budget Choice

The Mi 4X TV integrates 4K HDR imagery to deliver the brightly and richly contrasted images on your screen for an immersive viewing experience.

The unit is one of the best Android 4K UHD TV in the market today. Designed for the optimal audio experience with Dolby and DTS-HD, this TV finds many fans in audiophiles.

Check out the features of this Mi 4K TV in a quick video.

Key Specifications

  • Screen Dimensions – 50 inches
  • Operating System – Android 9.0
  • Processor – Amlogic Cortex A53 quad-core
  • RAM – 2GB DDR
  • Storage – 8GB eMMC
  • Speakers – 2×10W 6 ohm
  • HDMI/USB – 3/2
  • GPU – Mali-450 MP3
  • Dual Wi-Fi Support – 2.4GHz/5GHz
  • Power Consumption – 115 W


  • Data saver mode
  • The wide viewing angle of 178 degrees
  • Equipped with the latest version of Patchwall (3.0)
  • Enhanced UI features, clean animations
  • Intuitive user interface


  • Some users complained of lags during screen mirroring

The TV allows direct download of apps and games from the Google Playstore, and it also comes with a built-in Chromecast support for viewing as well as playing games, listening to music and much more.

best overall rating

Sanyo Kaizen Series TV XT-55A082U

A part of the Kaizen series by Sanyo, this model is the best 55-inch 4K UHD model in the market today, delivering on its promise of unmatched Android TV experience and stellar display support by IPS and RGBW panels.

Check out the features of this Sanyo 4K UHD TV in a quick video.

Key Specifications

  • Screen Dimensions – 55 inches
  • Power Consumption – 150 W
  • Processor – MT5660 Quad-Core
  • Audio – Dolby Digital and DTS True Surround Sound
  • Operating System – Android 9.0
  • HDMI/USB – 3/2
  • Storage/RAM – 8 GB/1.75 GB
  • Built-In Wi-Fi Support – 802.11a/b/g/n 2.4G 2T2R, Build-in


  • Offers dot noise reduction
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support offered
  • Chromecast support for screen mirroring and Google Assistant
  • Integrated services of Netflix and YouTube available
  • Bluetooth remote enabled for voice search
  • 1.07 billion color palette


  • Does not offer support for Amazon Firestick

The USP of this TV shows that while most models boast of a bezel design, the bezel-less design of this television is deemed an infinity design that merges seamlessly with the modern setup of any house.

best overall rating


This Kodak TV is a great model for optimal viewing as well as a gaming experience.

The powerful processors (CPU and GPU) combined with the sufficient RAM and ROM ensure that the TV can support the extensive graphics of specific games and content making it ideal for adults and kids alike.

Check out the features of this Kodak 4K TV in a quick video.

Key Specifications

  • Screen Dimensions – 50 inches
  • Operating System – Android 5.1.1
  • Processor – CORTEX A53 Quad-Core
  • Storage/RAM – 8 GB/1 GB
  • HDMI/USB – 3/2
  • Viewing Angle – 178 DEG * 178 DEG
  • Power Consumption – 85 W


  • Allows for quick search and offers live weather updates
  • 16.7 M different colors to choose from
  • Response time as less as 8 ms
  • Inbuilt support for MiraCast, AppStore, LAN and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • More energy efficient as compared to other models
  • Certified with CE and ISO certifications


  • Android version is outdated compared to other TVs

The seamless interface of this Kodak TV is easy enough to operate that it makes the user feel like they are using a smartphone.

The powerful speakers of this television make the viewing experience more immersive along with the superb picture quality.

best overall rating

Kevin 4K Smart TV KN49UHD-PRO

A part of the 4K Ultra HD LED Smart series by Kevin; this model is the best 49-inch UHD TV in the lineup today.

With HDRR technology combined with Quantum Luminit, you can now experience real pictures in a never-before-seen TV experience.

Key Specifications

  • Screen Dimensions – 49 inches
  • Screen Resolution – 4K Ultra HD 3840 x 2160 p
  • Operating System – Android 7
  • Processor – 1.5 GHz Dual Core
  • Storage/RAM – 8 GB/1 GB
  • Viewing Angle – 178/178 Degree Wide Viewing
  • HDMI/USB – 3/2
  • Maximum Operating Distance – 7 feet


  • 16.7 million color support
  • Allows wall mounting and tabletop installation
  • Auto-sleep feature
  • Easy screencasting
  • Cinewall with 15,00,000+ hours of content


  • Some customers experienced issues with the remote controller after a few months of use

The television offers cinema zoom and eco vision for delivering high definition output in an energy-efficient way.

The television is also wired to receive regular over-the-air updates for its apps, firmware, and interface to keep the TV up to date and as per user expectations.

best overall rating

TCL 4K TV 43P65US-2019

This TCL model is part of the P65 series known for its 4K UHD vision and the super narrow bezel design.

The display on this unit is adjusted with the help of a unique algorithm that automatically adjusts the panel backlight to deliver a much more extensive brightness range. It is the best Linux TV in the 4K UHD range.

Check out the features of this TCL 4K TV in a quick video.

Key Specifications

  • Screen Dimensions – 43 inches
  • Operating System – Linux
  • UI Style – TCL TV+3.0 UI
  • Power Consumption – 80 W
  • Viewing Angle (H/V) – 178°/178°


  • Simplistic design without any seams or screws
  • High picture contrast for bringing images to life
  • Offers micro dimming and dynamic picture enhancement
  • Dolby Audio 5.1 for a stereo surrounding soundbox speaker
  • Easy to use UI with multiple content partners
  • Fitted with the TCL TV+ AppStore for unique apps


  • Users faced issues with some of the Smart TV features

The best part of this model is that it offers superior vision like the other models in this 4K UHD lineup while consuming the least amount of energy.

The unit’s energy efficiency ensures that the use of the model does not lead to staggering electricity bills, making it a very eco-friendly purchase!

best overall rating

Shinco 4K UHD TV S65QHDR10

The 65-inch model by Shinco is the best 65-inch unit for 4k UHD viewing. Quantum Luminit technology is excellent for offering a realistic touch to all the details.

The Uniwall UI is designed for optimal user experience, and it provides over 15,00,000+ hours of content spanning multiple genres, ensuring something for everyone!

Check out the features of the Shinco 4K TV in a quick video.

Key Specifications

  • Screen Dimensions – 65 inches
  • Operating System – Android 7.0 with UNIWALL
  • CPU – Cortex A73 Dual Core 800 MHz
  • Graphics Processor – Dual Core Mali450-540MHz
  • Storage/RAM – 8 GB/1 GB
  • Maximum Operating Distance – 16 feet
  • Audio Output – 20 Watts with Built-in Soundbar


  • Offers a wide color gamut with NTSC – 95%
  • Features Cloud TV Certified AOSP with Official Apps
  • Smart recommendation engine for curating customized content
  • Receives automatic firmware updates
  • Smooth processing with powerful CPU, GPU, and ROM
  • Smart E-sharing for screen mirroring


  • Some users faced connectivity issues while mirroring

This Shinco model is great for home use as it also allows you to control the TV with the help of a smartphone and even offers gesture control!

best overall rating

Samsung Super 6 Series 4K UA43NU6100

This Samsung model is a part of the 6-series with its new edge skinny bezel design that makes it an excellent fit for any modern room setup.

High-quality processors ensure not only an indulgent viewing experience but also a lag-free gaming setup.

Check out the features of this Samsung TV in a quick video.

Key Specifications

  • Screen Dimensions – 43 inches
  • HDMI/USB – 2/1
  • Processor – Quad Core
  • Power Consumption – 125 W


  • Fitted with an Eco Sensor
  • Features like auto channel search and Teletext (TTX) available
  • Support for IPv6 available
  • Wi-Fi connectivity and mobile to TV mirroring available
  • Supports multi-room link
  • International content partners like Netflix, Prime, and YouTube (60K+ titles)


  • No support offered for Bluetooth technology

This television has many features that make it a great model like contrast enhancer, auto motion plus, and a film mode.

This combined help deliver a complete cinematic experience. The TV also offers an Innovative Tune Station that turns the TV into a virtual music system!

best overall rating

LG 4K TV 43UM7290PTF

This LG 4K TV offers spectacular realism with high color accuracy and a wide viewing angle supported by a dynamic scene by scene adjustment to deliver delicate details with precision.

The TV is fitted with multiple virtual audio channels that ensure a cinematic delivery for an immersive experience.

Check out the features of this LG 4K TV in a quick video.

Key Specifications

  • Screen Dimensions – 43 inches
  • Display – 4K Active HDR with IPS Panel
  • Operating System – webOS Smart TV
  • Smart TV Platform – ThinQ AI Smart TV
  • Audio Output – DTS Virtual:X
  • Picture Modes – Vivid, Standard, Eco, Cinema, Sports, Game, HDR Effect, (ISF) Expert (Bright Room), (ISF)
  • Expert (Dark Room)
  • HDMI/USB – 3/2


  • Analog TV reception available
  • Smart energy savings available
  • Can be operated with the conventional remote as well as magic remote
  • Inbuilt Wi-Fi and Bluetooth available
  • Active noise reduction for optimal viewing
  • Offers AI functions like AI Home, AI Recommendation, Intelligent Edit


  • Magic remote has to be purchased separately

Not fitted with the conventional OS but with LG’s WebOS, AI ThinQ™ ensures delivery of curated, customized content.

Apart from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, this LG TV also offers AirPlay-2 Connect for seamless connectivity with Apple devices!

best overall rating

Vu Smart LED TV 50CA (Black)

This Vu TV is a part of the Cinema 4K series. It is aptly categorized with its bezel-less panel, front soundbar, and gold decorative strips that make it a majestic addition to any modern room setup.

Additionally, the remote controller of this TV includes hotkeys for Netflix, Prime, YouTube, and PlayStore for fast access.

Check out the features of this Vu 4K TV in a quick video.

Key Specifications

  • Screen Dimensions – 50 inches
  • Operating System – Google Android Pie 9.0
  • Processor – Quad Core A55, 1.2 GHz
  • GPU – Dual-Core Mali 470MP
  • Storage/DDR RAM – 8 GB/1 GB
  • Power Consumption – 120 W
  • Wake Up Support – LAN, Wi-Fi, and Cast
  • HDMI/USB – 3/2


  • Adaptable to Apple and Windows product as well (apart from Android)
  • Multi-screen sharing enabled
  • Comes with Vu ActiVoice remote and support by Google Assistant
  • Frameless, sleek, bezel-less frame
  • A front soundbar that offers multidimensional audio clarity
  • Dynamic backlight control with Adaptive luma software


  • Customer service could be better

The TV makes use of a Pixelium Glass technology to elaborate picture brightness and widen the viewing angle, making the model ideal for viewing from all directions without glares.

best overall rating

Panasonic Smart TV TH-43FX650D

This Panasonic 4K TV uses a 6-color reproduction as opposed to the standard RGB with its advanced Hexa Chrome Drive.

This is further supported by the IPS LED Super Bright Panel for crisper color vibrancy and naturalistic sharpness, which leads to an excellent viewing angle range.

Check out the features of this Panasonic TV in a quick video.

Key Specifications

  • Screen Dimensions – 43 inches
  • Processor – Quad-Core Pro
  • Power Consumption – 163 W
  • HDMI/USB – 3/2
  • Display Panel – 4K ULTRA HD IPS LED LCD
  • Audio Output – Cinema Surround 20 W (10 W x 2)
  • Language Support – 9


  • Features like 4K dimming and noise reduction
  • Inbuilt support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth available
  • Multi-HDR support offered
  • Bluetooth audio connectivity for supporting external sound systems
  • Easy and intuitive swipe user interface
  • Enables voice interaction and screen mirroring


  • Panasonic product-delivery related services were rated low

The Panasonic model makes use of my Home Screen 3.0 UI that allows the user an exceptional level of customization of their home UI for greater convenience and ease of access.

best overall rating

Sony Bravia 4K Smart TV KD-43X7002F

Discover the beauty of Sony Bravia with this 4K model that is also fitted with the 4K X-Reality™ PRO upscaling technology for remarkable clarity further augmented by the TRILUMINOS display.

Additionally, the Smart Plug and Play allows you to enjoy the content on your smartphone or USB on a bigger screen.

Check out the features of this Sony Bravia 4K TV in a quick video.

Key Specifications

  • Screen Dimensions – 43 inches
  • Backlight Type – Edge LED
  • Audio Output – Dolby™ Audio with DTS Surround Sound
  • Operating System – Linux
  • HDMI/USB – 3/3
  • Power Consumption – 97 W


  • Lifelike listening with ClearAudio+ fine tunes
  • Intelligent cable management ensures that the wires are hidden and secured away
  • Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) technology for enhancing low audio quality
  • Excellent support for PS3 and PS4 for HDR gaming
  • Built-in Wi-Fi support and USB tethering


  • Product life could be longer

The best feature of this Sony Bravia model is the Clear Cable Management that ensures a clutter-free installation, which is usually a big problem when multiple wires are involved!

best overall rating


This Samsung TV gets a special mention in our list of UHD TVs for being the only 8K model with a breathtaking 33-million pixel resolution.

This extreme level of resolution gives the smallest details in every scene, immersing you completely in an 8K reality.

The most incredible feature of this TV is the ability to sense the backgrounds to recreate the patterns of the wall on the screen to blend the TV correctly.

Check out the features of this Samsung 8K model in a quick video.

Key Specifications

  • Screen Dimensions – 82 inches
  • Picture Engine – Quantum Processor 8K
  • Picture Quality Index (PQI) – 4300
  • HDMI/USB – 4/3
  • Power Consumption – 650 W


  • Uses AI-powered machine learning
  • The ambient mode which makes QLED screen a part of the home décor
  • Special lighting for special occasions
  • Simplistic, minimum design
  • Single, near-invisible cable for all connections
  • Bixby, the voice-controlled TV assistant


  • Very high power consumption

The smart TV makes optimal use of AI for noise reduction, restoring lost details, and even sharpening the edges around objects.

The Direct Full Array 16X breathes life into the minute details for true clarity and unimaginable brilliance making the images beautiful from all angles.

Buying Guide for UHD TV

The following are some of the factors that you should keep in mind while purchasing a UHD TV for your house.

Screen Resolution

You have the choice between 4K and 8K models. Still, we would suggest sticking to the 4K models as they are significantly more energy-efficient as compared to the 8K models, which are sparsely available in the current market.

Also, an 8K TV would require quality input as well for it to deliver optimal viewing experience.

Screen Size

There are many sizes available, ranging between 40 inches to 65 inches. The choice entirely depends on the kind of room you have and the location of installation.

Pick a size that can be accommodated comfortably in your designated space without cluttering. Ideally, the minimum viewing distance is 8 feet, so the installation should be done accordingly.

Operating Systems

You have a choice between Android TVs, Linux TVs, webOS, TizenOS, or other operating systems. These will vary in terms of the user interfaces and the connectivity with different devices.

If you have an Android phone, you would prefer an Android TV for its similar UI and ease of connectivity.

It also helps if you are continually looking for screen mirroring to have inbuilt Chromecast support, which is a standard feature for most Android TVs.


There are several features to choose from, like a voice assistant, gaming support, mirroring support, connectivity options (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LAN, USB, etc.).

Depending on what you plan to do most of with your TV, you can filter your choices per your own needs.

Sound quality

Most models will specify the audio output in terms of speaker quality, wattage, and technology used. Opting for Dolby audio with DTS Surround will give you the cinematic quality that you need for your home!

Lastly, you can also filter the TV models depending on the price of the models. You can surely find many economic models within your budget with the vast range of categories available.


What is the meaning of 4K?

The 4K refers to 4,000 pixels as a reference to the 4096 x 2160 resolution of this format. It is a link to the past wherein the screens were described on the basis of the number of horizontal lines of pixels.

What is UHD or Ultra-High-Definition?

Ultra-High Definition or UHD is an accessible format that offers a slightly lower resolution than a true 4K format (precisely 3840 x 2160 pixels). This pixel count is almost four times as much as full-HD 1080p models, which have 1920 x 1080 pixels.

How is the 4K format different from full-HD?

4K primarily is indicative of the higher picture quality as compared to full-HD. This clarity is manifested in the form of more details, sharper, brighter images, better contrast, and overall smoother viewing experience. The second difference is that a 4K format will require considerably smaller pixels as compared to full-HD screens of the same size. This means that you will not be able to make out individual pixels unless you sit very close to the screen.

How much do 4K units cost?

The cost is not only dependent on the picture format but also other features offered. It can range anywhere between INR 12,000 to INR 70,000.

Will these 4K TVs offer gaming support?

Yes, the 4K models are compatible with PS4 Pro and Xbox One S, which supports 4K gaming.


In conclusion, there are several models spanning different price points and features that make a choice difficult for the user in terms of which unit to invest in.

But hopefully, a quick read-through of our reviews and the buying guide will help you in your buying process.

There is a perfect UHD TV in the market for all your needs. Happy shopping!