Best TV Under INR 60000 in India

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Best TV Under INR 60,000: Sony Bravia 4K Smart LED TV KD-55X7002G

This Sony Bravia TV’s most important feature is the in-built protection against lightning, humidity, and surges in voltage, which help in extending the life of the TV.

Check out the features of this Sony Bravia Smart TV in a quick video.

Key Specifications

  • Screen Dimensions – 55 inches
  • HDMI/USB – 3/3
  • Audio Output – 20 Watts and Bass reflex speaker
  • Display – 4K HDR, 4K X-Reality Pro, Triluminous display
  • Power Consumption – 173 Watts


  • Bass reflex speakers and ClearAudio+ for more vibrant and deeper sound
  • Clean cable management for a neat installation
  • Seamless connectivity to the Internet with USB tethering
  • One-click remote with a dedicated button for OTTs
  • USB Play supports multiple formats
  • Secure screen mirroring from many devices


  • Does not support Bluetooth technology

The Motionflow XR technology in this model keeps the picture sharp and blur-free, even with fast-moving sequences.

This is essential for streaming content and gaming, which puts a high demand on the graphics processor of the unit!

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The many TVs and technologies in the market may confound someone who hasn’t done their research. But don’t worry about this aspect as we have done the same for you!

If you are looking for a good TV within a budget, we have just the list of best-sellers for you.

Many people are looking to get their hands on the 4K models as these represent the latest technological development and are compatible with gaming consoles like the PS4 and PS4 Pro.

In the following section of this article, we have listed the best TVs under INR 60,000.

These smart TVs will give you all the functions that you find in your smartphone like streaming, browsing, gaming, listening to music over and above the standard TV functions, and at a very reasonable price. Keep reading to know more!

Best TV Under INR 60,000 Compared

Here’s a comparison between Best TV Under INR 60,000: 

Product ImageProduct NameFeaturesPrice
Sony Bravia 4K Smart LED TV KD-55X7002G
  • TV Size (inches): 55
  • Power Consumption: 173 W
  • USP: Bass reflex speakers and ClearAudio+

Samsung Super 6 Series 4K TV UA55NU6100
  • TV Size (inches): 55
  • Power Consumption: 125 W
  • USP: Lag-free gaming

Sanyo Kaizen Series 4K Android IPS LED TV XT-65A082U
  • TV Size (inches): 65
  • Power Consumption: 200 W
  • USP: 1.07 billion colors in the palette

LG 4K Smart LED TV 43UM7290PTF
  • TV Size (inches): 43
  • Power Consumption: 95 W
  • USP: 2-Way Bluetooth connectivity

TCL Ultra HD Smart LED TV L55P1US
  • TV Size (inches): 55
  • Power Consumption: NA
  • USP: Super-quick start time

Reviews of the Best TV Under INR 60,000

best overall rating

Samsung Super 6 Series 4K TV UA55NU6100

This Samsung model, launched in 2019, belongs to their Super 6 series, which denotes six essential features of the TV.

These features are Live Cast, Tune Station, 4K resolution, screen mirroring, lag-free gaming, and availability of 60k+ titles.

Check out the features of this Samsung 4K Smart TV in a quick video.

Key Specifications

  • Screen Dimensions – 55 inches
  • HDMI/USB – 2/1
  • Audio Output – 20 Watts
  • Power Consumption – 125 Watts


  • Live Cast allows live streaming of content from anywhere
  • Can be converted into your personal workstation
  • Can turn into a virtual music system
  • Lag-free gaming with a powerful processor
  • Almost 60,000+ titles available on demand
  • Smart Things app for simplifying app setup


  • Screen life could be longer

The TV also offers the functionality of downloading whatever apps you want from the app store. You can also connect any external storage devices or gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, surround sound systems, etc.

best overall rating

Sanyo Kaizen Series 4K Android IPS LED TV XT-65A082U

Launched in 2019, this Sanyo TV is a 4K, certified Android TV.

Check out the features of this Sanyo TV in a quick video.

Key Specifications

  • Screen Dimensions – 65 inches
  • HDMI/USB – 3/2
  • Graphics Processor – Quad-Core Mali450 490MHz
  • Operating System – Google Android™ Pie 9.0
  • Display – IPS 4K Panel, HDR 10
  • Audio Output – 20W, Dolby™ Digital with Digital Sound Processing and Superior Box Speakers
  • Power Consumption – 200 Watts


  • Features the latest Android™ version with unlimited access to apps
  • Google Assistant for supporting voice commands
  • Built-in Chromecast for streaming content from Android as well as Apple devices
  • 1.07 billion colors in the palette
  • Seamless wired and wireless connectivity offered
  • Partnership with several different content providers


  • Does not support HDCP 2.2 (Amazon Firestick not compatible)

The unit has been rated exceptionally well for its sound and picture quality, as well as smart features. It provides excellent value for money and hence tops our list!

best overall rating

LG 4K Smart LED TV 43UM7290PTF

LG has been recognized as one of the best manufacturers of electronics and, specifically, TVs! This model launched in 2019 is packed with smart features that will revolutionize your family’s experience of watching content.

Check out the features of this LG Smart TV in a quick video.

Key Specifications

  • Screen Dimensions – 43 inches
  • HDMI/USB – 3/2
  • Audio Output – 20 Watts
  • Display – 4K IPS display, 4K Active HDR, 4K upscaler, DTS virtual: X
  • Power Consumption – 95 Watts


  • Upscaling technology for sharper and vivid images
  • Multi-dimensional audio for sound from all angles
  • AirPlay 2 support for connection compatibility with Apple devices
  • 2-Way Bluetooth connectivity
  • Intuitive Home Dashboard with all content in one place
  • AI-powered magic remote


  • Magic remote needs to be purchased separately

The TV offers support for multiple audio and video formats that make it easy to connect external storage devices and play content from them!

Wireless connectivity with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth also allows connecting headphones or other supported accessories that make the user experience smoother!

best overall rating

TCL Ultra HD Smart LED TV L55P1US

This TCL TV has a lot of excellent features that render stunning visuals with all the minutest details and perfect clarity.

Check out the features of this TCL Smart LED TV in a quick video.

Key Specifications

  • Screen Dimensions – 55 inches
  • HDMI/USB – 3/2
  • Processor – 64bit Quad-Core (A53 x 2 + Neon x2) – up to 1.5GHz
  • GPU – Six Core (PPU MALI450M x 4 + VPU x 2) – up to 600MHz
  • Display – 4k Ultra HD, Motion Estimation, Motion Compensation, Ultra Vision Experience
  • Audio Output – 16 W, Dolby™ Digital Plus, Amplified Audio Output
  • RAM/ROM – 1 GB/8 GB
  • Viewing Angle (H/V) – 178/178 degrees


  • Uses TCL’s proprietary software algorithm for image enhancement
  • The super-quick start time of 6 seconds
  • Built-in Bluetooth for two-way transmission
  • Support for multiple multimedia formats
  • Amplified audio output for a cinematic experience
  • Seamless connectivity between smart devices


  • Customer service could be better

The TCL TV also offers PVR Record and Playback functionality to record your favorite content and watch it later as per convenience!


What is the PVR functionality and how to use it?

PVR or personal video recording allows you to record the games or shows that you want to save and watch later. You can pause, stop, fast forward, or rewind recorded content. Some TVs provide support for this feature, which can be accessed from its menu. The specifics can be found in the instruction manual.

What is Parental Controls?

Some smart TVs offer parental control as a measure to restrict some content from children. The restriction is imposed with the help of a password that can be set by the parents. Before watching the controlled content, the TV prompts for a password.

What should I do if I get a defective TV on delivery?

It would be extremely rare that you would end up with a defective TV. If you happen to be in a situation, there is usually free installation provided by the company, and therefore whatever complaints you have can be raised on the spot with the company professional. Alternately, the units are also covered under a one-year warranty, so you need not worry about raising the issue with the manufacturers.

Can I browse my social media on the TV?

In the case of smart TVs, you can install the required social media app from the App Store and browse the same exactly how you would on your phone.

What is needed to enjoy a smart TV?

The only thing needed for enjoying the entire suite of benefits provided by a smart TV is a high-speed Internet connection. Also, make sure that the TV comes with a TV license of operating with your cable box to get local content.

Why are some models very expensive even when they are the same size?

The most expensive models that you will encounter are OLED TVs because their manufacturing takes a lot of time and precision as compared to standard LED TVs. QLED TVs are priced somewhere in the middle of the LED-OLED spectrum. The other price differences between TVs of the same sizes could be due to software, features, or hardware differences.

Which company offers the best smart TVs?

There are many companies that are offering smart TVs today. Some of the top names are Samsung, One Plus, LG, Panasonic, and Sony, primarily for their years of experience in manufacturing and customer trust.


We know how intimidating it can be to narrow down your smart TV choices to a select few and then pick one model when all seem to be so good.

But with so many companies in this competition, you now have premium quality features at your disposal at economical prices.

We have shortlisted five best-sellers under INR 60,000, and these are packed with features that you would previously have to shell out a lot more for.

With technological advances and established quality standards, you can rest assured that any model you pick out of these five will serve your family well for years to come. Happy shopping!