Best Double Door Refrigerator Under 25000 in India

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Best Double Door Refrigerator Under 25000: LG 260 L (GL-I292RPZL)

Top Pick

LG is a well-known brand that not only offers products with good quality and performance but also has good after-sale services. This fridge has a perfect build and a beautiful metallic finish.

Key Specifications

  • Energy efficiency: 3-star rating
  • Capacity: 260 L
  • Freezer capacity: 75 L
  • Installation type: Freestanding
  • Defrost system: Frost free


  • Durable
  • Effective cooling
  • Long-lasting metal finish
  • Smart diagnosis


  • Lacks stabilizer

This refrigerator is a massive investment in your homestead. It has a linear cooling system that regulates the temperature between different sections of your fridge.

It also comes with ample space that fits a good number of 2-liter bottles.

The fridge uses auto-smart technology that helps you connect the refrigerator to a home inverter anytime there is a blackout.

A multi-airflow cooling system circulates and distributes cold air evenly all over the fridge. It is suitable for individuals whose main objective is to save on energy consumption.

Are you looking for a new double door refrigerator with a low budget? Refrigerators are known to be an essential home appliance in most homes.

If you are using a small fridge and you are looking forward to upgrading to a bigger and better refrigerator, then a double door refrigerator may be the right choice for you.

This guide brings you some of the best cost-effective double door refrigerators in India, their unique features, and why they are the best in the first place.

The two compartments in double door segregation make sure the cooling chamber and the freezer compartment are not interrupted at any given time.

There are a variety of these appliances on the market, so this guide will inform you of what to look for and why making the right choice is essential.

Top Double Door Refrigerator Under 25000 Compared

Here’s a comparison between top Double Door Refrigerator Under 25000 :

Product ImageProduct NameFeaturesPrice
LG 260 L GL-I292RPZL
  • Capacity: 260 L
  • Inverter: Yes
  • USP: Smart Inverter technology

Samsung 253 L RT28M3424S8/HL
  • Capacity: 253 L
  • Inverter: Yes
  • USP: Movable ice maker

Haier 258 L HEF-25TDS
  • Capacity: 258 L
  • Inverter: No
  • USP: Twist ice maker

Samsung 253L RT28T3743S8/HL
  • Capacity: 253 L
  • Inverter: Yes
  • USP: Convertible

Godrej 311 LRT EON 311
  • Capacity: 311 L
  • Inverter: No
  • USP: Stabilizer free operation

LG 260 L GL-N292RDSY
  • Capacity: 260 L
  • Inverter: Yes
  • USP: Door alarm

Reviews of Best Double Door Refrigerator Under 25000

best overall rating

Samsung 253 L (RT28M3424S8/HL)

This fridge is one of the best-selling refrigerators from Samsung. Just from the looks and its build material, you can tell it will serve you for a long time.

Key Specifications

  • Load capacity: 253 L
  • Freezer capacity: 69 L
  • Installation type: Freestanding
  • Colour: Elegant inox
  • Defrost system: Frost free

Here’s a quick video description of product:



  • Energy efficient
  • Stabilizer free
  • Strong glass shelves
  • Long-lasting


  • May not prevent fruits from over-ripening

One great feature of this product is its toughened glass shelves that can hold up to 150kgs of foodstuff. LED light illuminates every corner of the interior, so at any given time, you have a clear visual of what is inside the fridge.

The refrigerator is fitted with a recessed handle.

Therefore, it requires less effort to open the fridge. The moist zone controls air circulation in the fridge, maintaining the optimal humidity all around. It is suitable for bachelors and an average household with up to 3 members.

best overall rating

Haier 258 L (HEF-25TDS)

The Haier Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator can hold up to 258 liters, and it is 3-star rated in energy efficiency. It is designed to convert swiftly, making it efficient in cooling your food.

Key Specifications

  • Swift convertible feature
  • Turbo-icing technology
  • Anti-fungal gasket
  • Double door
  • Frost free


  • Removable anti-fungal gasket keeps food hygienic
  • Movable ice-tray creates more storage space
  • Smooth, swift conversion from freezer to fridge in 50 minutes


  • Stabilizer required

This refrigerator is fitted with advanced technology for longer-lasting fresh food. The LED lighting illuminates the interior, while the twin-energy technology saves energy costs.

You can easily clean the fridge with a cloth, and the hardened glass shelves hold heavy food items.

The icing technology helps you make ice cubes within a short period of time. The refrigerator also has vegetable crispers and adjustable feet for a better experience.

It is best suited for a small family of 2-3 members and for complimenting your kitchen interior decor.

best overall rating

Samsung 253L (RT28T3743S8/ HL)

This Samsung RT28T3743S8 refrigerator is stabilizer-free and features digital inverter technology. It saves energy and also offers less noisy operation.

Key Specifications

  • Digital inverter
  • Sliding shelf
  • LED lighting
  • Recessed handle
  • Movable ice maker


  • Recessed handle allows for easy opening
  • Toughened shelves can hold heavy 150kg weight
  • Easy to reach and find food stored at the back
  • Fruit is kept fresh for very long periods of time


  • Not suitable for larger families

This refrigerator has a capacity of up to 253 liters of food. The moist-fresh zone maintains optimal humidity, keeping the food fresh, and the all-around cooling ensures better efficiency.

You can easily convert the fridge into a freezer, and the movable ice maker offers you flexible storage. The large holding place for drinks and frost-free technology are features that add to its functionality.

This Samsung refrigerator is recommended for families consisting of 2-3 members.

best overall rating

Godrej 311 L (RT EON 311)

The Godrej RT EON 311 is a 3-star rated energy-efficient refrigerator with a capacity of 311 liters. It is also frost-free and comes with auto defrost.

Key Specifications

  • LED lighting
  • Toughened glass shelves
  • Removable anti-bacterial gasket
  • Large chiller compartment
  • Thick insulation


  • Large vegetable storage space
  • Hygienic food maintained by the anti-bacterial gasket
  • Sturdy shelves that can hold 120kg of food items


  • Not protected from voltage fluctuations

The refrigerator has thick insulation that ensures cooling retention, keeping food fresh longer. The full shelves offer maximum storage, and you can store large bottles of drinks.

Antimicrobial resistance, together with an air duct filled with silver ions, is used in this fridge to keep the food free from bacteria. It also has enough storage space for all your vegetables.

This fridge suits a sizable family of 3-4 members.

best overall rating

LG 260 L (GL-N292RDSY)

This LG refrigerator is designed with smart-inverter technology. It gives you better performance, saves on costs, and offers a silent operation while keeping the food fresh and cool.

Key Specifications

  • 260-Liter capacity
  • Smart-inverter compressor
  • Anti-fungal gasket
  • Humidity controller
  • Multi-airflow


  • Lattice-pattern box maintains the moisture, keeping the food fresh
  • Flexible storage space with adjustable shelves and racks
  • Food is kept germ-free and highly hygienic


  • Heavy

The LG 260 L 2 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double-Door Refrigerator adjusts its cooling power in response to the amount of load.

It also helps save on energy consumption. Continuous airflow through its vents increases the cooling and ice-making process.

The fridge is stabilizer-free and features a crisper for optimal freshness and moisture levels. The adjustable shelves also offer a sizable 2-liter bottle storage area.

This refrigerator is best suited for bachelors or families with less than three members.


What is the refrigerator’s ideal temperature?

The primary essential function of the refrigerator is to keep food fresh for an extended period of time. Therefore, the ideal temperature range for most refrigerators is between 35 to 38 degrees Fahrenheit. This range is suitable for foods like meat, dairy, produce, fruits, vegetables, and delicacies like chocolate and berries.

How does one get rid of the fridge odor?

The best way to do away with unpleasant smells in your refrigerator is by removing all the items from the fridge and the freezer. Then, identify any spoiled food items and throw them away. Do extensive cleaning in every compartment, including shelves, the door lining, and the interior walls.

How long does it take a refrigerator to get to the right temperatures once plugged in?

Once you plug in a frost-free refrigerator, it usually takes 4 to 6 running hours before it gets to the correct temperature range. The reason for this is because it has to remove the heat from the insulation, plastic, and the metal inside. However, some other refrigerators will need 24 hours before they get into a normal off and on routine.

Where does the water in my freezer come from?

This water is generally the defrost liquid leaking inside the fridge. At least once a day, the refrigerator shuts off, and the heater melts the frost, which changes into water. That is how you find some spills in your fridge once in a while.


Mentioned above are some of the best double door refrigerators for below 25000. From the detailed guide, you can tell these appliances are common on the market.

The features are a great deal, and having one of these machines in your kitchen is an investment you’ll not regret making.

If you are looking forward to upgrading, then going for a double door refrigerator is a huge step. Be sure to get an energy-efficient machine that is spacious enough and that caters to all of your needs.