Air Conditioners – Best Brands, Models, Guides and Reviews

An air conditioner is a device that cools and dehumidifies the air.

They are typically found in homes and offices to help maintain a comfortable temperature year-round. Air conditioning can be used for heating purposes as well but is usually not necessary because of the heating systems already present in these buildings.

Air conditioning systems can be categorized into four types: window units, split units, central units and portable units.

Different types of air conditioners have different benefits:

window units offer quick cooling without installation fees, spit units are again used for homes and small offices but do not need a window for installation.

Central units are efficient at cooling rooms evenly across an entire building, and portable ACs can bring relief on hot days in offices and classrooms with their quick setup.

Best AC for Home, Offices, and Shops

In the Indian scenario, air conditioners not just save from heat, they also make life more comfortable and enhance productivity.

The sales of ACs in India have been increasing at a rapid pace. More and more households have ACs, so do more offices and shops.

AC is no more a luxury, but an essential part of the house and office today.

But with the demand has come a large number of brands making ACs and numerous models.

Not even that, there are several types of ACs too – Window, Split, Inverter Tech, Tower and so on.

This makes deciding on which AC is right for you a difficult task.

But we are here to help you, here are our top picks for some of the most popular split and window AC categories –

Best 1 Ton Split AC
Best 2 Ton Split AC
Best Window AC

If you are bound by budget, then you should check out these research pieces  Рbest split AC under 25,000, and best spilt AC under 30,000

If you are looking AC for a very small room or office, we suggest you look at best 0.75 Ton AC

Inverter ACs are great for energy savings if you are considering them, our best inverter AC article should be of help. For a small room, a 1-ton inverter AC should be good enough. If you are looking for a budget option, then consider the best inverter AC under 30000

If you are looking for reviews of individual ACs, you can check them out too.

Popular AC Brands

There are many many AC brands today, but some standout РDaikin , Lloyd , Marq , Voltas , Blue Star , Carrier , Hitachi , Haier , Panasonic , Mitsubishi , O General , Godrej , Mitashi , LG , Onida , IFB , Micromax , Samsung , Toshiba , Hyundai , Sanyo , Vestar , Kenstar (air cooler) , Symphony (air cooler) .