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ezTask is an AI driven collaboration platform, that helps User to manage all tasks/events across devices. It allows to create lists of tasks called Bucket which can be individually managed e.g. Office Bucket, Home Bucket, Friends Bucket etc. Each bucket contains a set of tasks. Each task can have a deadline, a location, attachment, a reminder time and a list of subtasks


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We are unique

  • AI engine to Extract task/events from SMS and integrate with Calendar.
  • eZilly: An AI-powered bot to manage all your tasks
  • Sync with Outlook, Google primary calendar
  • Attendees of the task can chat with each other.
  • A user can create Location tasks, Online, and Public tasks.
  • A task can have a location. A user can select a location from Map.


  • Event management: A public task(event) helps User to create any task/event which can be shared on social media for the public to attend.
  • Offer a choice of possible times to all attendees, and ask them to vote for the best time to meet.
  • eZilly: Basic support to view tasks on any day, share tasks with other Users, Cancel tasks, etc.
  • eZilly: AI-powered bot for public tasks/events to answer any queries from Public.

About Company

Company name: AppiVa Software Pvt

Team size: 8

Location: Bangalore

Founded Year: 2016

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