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SmartReader by ParallelDots uses deep learning to analyze qualitative responses and segment them to draw insights that make deep impacts on an organisation’s success.


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We are unique

  • Our model does not require labeled data for training.
  • It recommends relevant topics for categorization based on learnings from the data.
  • It helps in a granular level of analysis, where one can find out, say, what exactly it is that drives the negative sentiment towards ambience of McDonald’s retailing.
  • It requires only one spreadsheet and one column of input.
  • It can be deployed as an on-premise solution and on users' servers for data security.


  • The algorithm takes a bottom-up approach to analyzing data. It learns words, sentence structure, slang etc.
  • It builds structure and categories based on what’s in the data rather than assigning every piece of data to arbitrary categories
  • Based on learned tonality on a term, multi-term, sentence and text level, it predicts the sentiment of each each input text.
  • It goes further to break down the sentences and predict important keywords in them.
  • It is language-agnostic.

About Company

Company name: ParallelDots

Team size: 35

Location: Lewes, Delaware and Gurgaon, Haryana

Founded Year: 2012

Other Products: www.karna.ai, www.dentistry.ai

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